Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another journalist murdered by government

The Mexican government, that continues to wage a war against its own people, has many thousands of lives on their bloody hands. Among all these victims that should be alive are several journalists. Another one has now been found dead.

I’m not a big fan of journalists in general; mostly they are a very useless bunch of lazy pro-government morons. However, in the fight against a murderess regime even a journalist rank higher than any official. I feel sorry for that person’s family and hope that the Mexican people soon have had enough and rise up against their oppressors.

Just legalize it already!


  1. I hope the smartest people moves out soon, so the corrupt people are staying left. Then we know who to nuke, dont we?

    Come on. I should do what ever i have to do to go away, even if i would find it harder to start somewhere else. It is an matter of life and dead, so.

  2. Seems like you two have lots to learn! Read more about then situation and then talk. Moreover, who is would receive the 110 millions of mexicans living in the country? The situation is not as bad as the news tell you, but if you believe what you see in a newspaper blindly then I really recommend you to change perspective.

  3. Wot? Who would receive whom where and why? Don't understand your mumbling.

    This post is about how the Mexican government, just like most others, kill people and provide the means for people to kill each other. If they legalized drugs all the problems would go away.