Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You are going to die! Part XXIIX

Don’t you ever get tired of everything that might kill or harm humans? According to the media pretty much everything can cause our demise and politicians are more then happy to impose new laws and regulations to “save us”. There is no end to it, if we ignore things like sharks, wars, hurricanes, volcanoes, wolfs or drug lords, we still end up with TBC, swine flu, HIV and malaria. But even diseases are not enough; we have traffic, airplane-crashes, boats sinking, trains derailing, football-hooligans and many other things to factor into this equation. And when we ignore all those mentioned there are always drugs, alcohol, solariums, and everything that has to do with food, sugar and fat.

Although true there is thousands and one way to leave this world, the hysteria is just mind-boggling and still they refuse to do anything about the most dangerous thing there is: government. Historically speaking, as today, government is the most likely culprit when it comes to untimely deaths. Media, politicians and the general public also ignore the second most dangerous thing there is: our own homes. A vast majority of all accidents, rapes, child molestations, and mutilations happens within the comforts of our walls. If they really wanted to save us and if they really wanted us to be safe, they would outlaw government in addition to ban owning and living in homes.

With this as background it is hardly surprising that Norway (and soon Sweden) is putting “horror-images” on cigarette packages. Pictures of people suffering from cancer, teeth-loss and similar potential side-effects is said to scare off any new users and perhaps make less people inclined using tobacco. I don’t know if the existence of unaware people is staggeringly high or if remote places in Stockholm have citizens that never heard of cancer, but doesn’t this seem a bit too much? Even by our overzealous “protectors”? I do, however, predict that people will start collecting these pictures as a curiosity; maybe we will even see children exchange pictures with each other. Oh, I have never felt such an urge to start smoking…

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