Thursday, August 13, 2009


Just when I thought that I couldn’t find any more stupidities today I stumbled upon this article from the Telegraph.

Oh my fucking lord of all that is unholy…

Teenager given 'council certificate for getting on bus in Greater Manchester'
A teenage boy, Bobby McHale, has been awarded a certificate from a holiday scheme in Bury, Greater Manchester - for getting the bus.

To get this certificate you need to:
Using Public Transport (Unit 1)
In completing the unit the student has demonstrated the ability to:
1. Walk to the local bus stop.
2. Stand or sit at the bus stop and wait for the arrival of a public bus.
3. Enter the bus in a calm and safe manner.
4. Be directed to a downstairs seat by a member of staff
5. Sit on the bus and observe through the windows.
6. Wait until the bus has stopped, stand on request and exit the bus.


Please, go and read the article. I felt very sad at the same time I was laughing so my co-workers thought I’d got a psycotic episode. Now this is socialism in its full glory!



  1. I'm so sorry, Cautionary my old chap - I am getting so jaded and bored with raking up the slime and anoxic poisonous H2S-bearing sludge created on purpose by the Enemy Class, that I failed to do a harrumph about this: but full marks for you for doing so...probably more people read yours than ours so it's a benefit you got there first.

    At least the guy and his folks saw the funny satirical side of it.

  2. Yeah, the family seem to have had a good time about it. It’s a comical thingy, in a tragic sort of a way.