Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cameron shows his socialist side

That the Tories also goes to bed with the rest of our enemies should be clear by now, but apparently David Cameron wants to emphasize this a bit more since he has joined the campaign to defend the National Health Service (NHS). It is probably a scheme to not alienate all those hundreds of thousands employed by this stupidity – in politics the most important thing is to trick you to vote for ‘em. Those working within NHS make up a huge number of votes and are consequently “very important” to political parties. This is how socialism “works”, they create a monstrosity, make a huge number of people dependent on it and then make up stories about how any cut-backs or, God forbid, abolishment is pure devilry. And this is also why the current Labour regime does their very best to increase public employees at the moment, because despite a loss in next years election they have created a nice pile of state-dependent idiots that probably will end up hating Tories for cutting some of them down.

Mr Cameron's intervention came after he rebuked Daniel Hannan, a Tory MP that supports the opposition against the Obaminations hell-care plans in the US. Cameron, apparently fully intended to keep the fully-perverted NHS said he did not agree with Mr Hannan's remarks. Cameron said: "I support the NHS 100% and the Conservative Party supports the NHS 100 per cent.”

So there you have it folks, Tories will continue to fuck up Britain, just as Labour has done. That urge to leave the British isles just became irresistable.

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