Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Obamination faces anti-fascists

The grand leader has issued a try to reform the US health-care system. He has dispatched senators and congress people to school gymnasiums, public libraries and fire halls across the land, only to see them largely shouted down by uproarious crowds. Many of these spokespersons of the enemy class have even chosen to stay home or kept to radio or the Internet instead of facing angry constituencies.

Democratic allies claim an orchestrated campaign of disinformation, including plots to disrupt the lawmakers' "town hall" discussions – none of which has been proven; in fact most of these protesters seem to be without any agenda except protecting their rights. Top Democrats in Congress Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have criticized protestors for drowning out opposing views and described the boisterous displays as "simply un-American." The protesters have even been accused of wearing “swastikas”. All the while the democrats and the left-wing media are ignoring the fact that several conservative representatives also have been booed of the stage on several occasions. And un-American? Please. In a democratic country founded by dissidents it is hard to see how protests can be regarded as anything else then a sound and very democratic way of voicing opinions. Talking about scare tactics.

But in a way they should be afraid, at least I hope so. Americans have been too lazy too long and allowed the government to take the country towards socialism and it is time for another revolution. They should, of course, not just boo or shout at those elected frauds, US citizens should take to arms and overthrow the entire system, and that is something that hopefully soon will happen.

The American unemployment rates keep going up and despite every trick in the book to cover up the real numbers; hundreds of thousands still end up as statistic every month. The economy is getting totally flushed and all the billions the government is handing over to rich bankers have got people very angry. So when people, that normally do not go in rallies or openly shout at public officials, comes out of the woodwork I would be very worried if I sat in Washington. And please remember, this is before the dollar and the stock market has collapsed. And, as said, the anger is also shown towards republicans; it’s not only democrats that are getting yelled at. The Obamination has the lowest approval ratings of any president 7 months into office and the cries against the growing fascism grows louder and louder. No wonder the grand leader is training military for handling riots and creating his private Jugend clubs.

To you Americans who end up reading this: when the real mayhem and bloodshed starts, please let me know if you need any help. The US of A is the only hope we have in this world and I would happily row over the Atlantic and help out fighting against the fascists and socialists that has ruined your country. You once saved Europe from this menace; it is time some of us Europeans helping you guys for a change.


  1. Fascism? Please. If you interpret what Obama is doing as fascism it just proves that you do not understand what fascism actually is. And socialism? You know, people throw these words around without understanding what they are saying. Especially in America. What's wrong with the health-care system in the nordic countries? It's way cheaper than the US system and people are obviously a lot healthier. AND people like it. There would be a LOT of protests if the nordic governments would try to dismantle that system. You should be a lot more afraid of the social darwinism (only the strong survive) that some people seem to live by in the US.

  2. Ah detta var en av artiklarna jag inte kan hålla med mycket om & är det nåt jag tar illa upp över är hur folk fortfarande tror att USA räddade oss från Första & Andra världskriget, då behövs det helt klart bättre historielektioner & mindre hollywood, sen lär man nog behöva ta reda på info på egen hand då även dagens historieböcker är rätt kassa när dessa krig tas upp.

    De som räddade europa var snarare Storbritanien & Soviet med hjälp av sina allierade däribland USA, Canada, fria fransmän, australienare m.m. Men att USA är att tacka håller jag inte med om, snarare så hjälpte dom tyskland med att försörja dom med special bränsle till luftwaffe. Lite som Irak - Iran kriget, dom ville sälja till båda sidor innan dom grep in & valde sida.

  3. Sen har Europa sett till i flera decenier nu så att amerikanerna kan leva över sina tillgångar - allt dom behövde göra är trycka lite dollar sedlar så tog vi Europeer glatt emot låtsas pengarna & la dom i ett bankvalv & tillbax fick amerikanerna vad fan dom ville ha, vapen, jetplan, bilar, mat w-ever, för inget annat än att trycka upp lite sedlar. Allt detta tack vare marshall planen då USA lyckades få dollarn till världens reservvaluta.

  4. Anonymous 1:
    Fascism is when you socialize much of the economy and in doing so keep some “big” or “important” companies that you then go to bed with. Fascism is also when you have imposed laws that dictate people’s lives and prioritize in-house notions of different varieties. Fascism is also using false information to trick people in believing in things that are not there and rule with an oligarchy. Socialism is just another step i.e. socialize the rest of the economy. So what’s wrong with my description? Nothing what I can see.

    The health-care system in the Nordic countries (mainly Sweden I have first-hand knowledge of) is horrifying. People are dying while waiting for care that can take years to come. The service is the worst thinkable and the main tasks for doctors is filling in forms. There are thousands of Swedes that goes abroad each year to get appropriate care, just as many Canadians travel to US. I once sat at an ER waiting for a doctor, bleeding and with a concussion, and there was only me and one more waiting! I waited for 4hrs! Another time I took my brother to the ER with a very swollen throat and he couldn’t breathe, we waited for a doctor half the day! That’s normality in Sweden. Is that what you want?

    The only other country that I know of that is worse (I have lived in 4 countries and visit many more) is the UK, which is the main model US will build their hell-care on. In the UK, where I live now, things are about as in Sweden, only crappier and in general many more bureaucrats, although maybe a bit shorter time regarding the wait, but just maybe.

  5. Anonymous 2:
    Du har fel. Utan produktionskraften i USA’s ekonomi hade kriget förlorats. Större delen av den ryska armens bl.a. 70% av alla transportfordon kom från USA. Och utan en konstant ström av hjälp till England hade de troligen inte lyckats stå emot de tyska bombardemangen. Utan USA hade Storbritannien garanterat blivit invaderat och det är även högst troligt att Ryssland aldrig klarat av att stå emot den tyska invasionen. Därutöver hade det varit omöjligt att återta kontinenten utan Amerikas hjälp och genom en sådan situation hade tyskarna kunnat fokusera sig österut.

  6. To be fair, I did indeed warn the Americans, starting some two years ago now, that tyey should _/NOT/_ elect the ObaMessiah. I did say that no good would come of it.

    It was Obamagirl what did it for him. She was sexy and nice, and made the prospect of Stalinism look like a little bit of fun in the twylight of the Endarkenment.

    Nej, Sovjet räddade oss INTE från nazism.
    Ryssarna var ALLIERADE med nazisterna tills nazisterna anföll ryssarna INTE INNAN.

    Sedan "räddade" Sovjet alla öststater. Ni vet dom som krossades av kommunismen. Folk försvann i mängder och återfanns aldrig.

    Nej ni, Sovjet har aldrig räddat någon.