Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pirates, nationalists and lazy people

It was announced today that the Pirate Party in Sweden will not only run for the parliament, they will also try to win seats in local councils and town halls across the country. This is a good thing since they are the only voice of reason comes to internet and our privacy and I wish them the best of luck. As it look right now they probably stand a better chance of getting local seats rather than win enough votes to gain excess to parliament. This will probably change though since the power structure will continue to conjure up new ways of fucking with constituencies. A free tip for the Pirates: abolishment of all high-speed cameras at the side of roads. Could certainly win many thousands of votes only on that issue. Also I would like to see the pirates talk about the economy. One of the few things that might lift the economy in the future (10-15 years from now) after the depression have passed is the Internet and all possibilities that comes with. A free base of communication and development of technology might also cushion our current situation.

On a related note the nationalists in Sweden are gaining supporters. This is no surprise since the elitists still ignore the problems they have created with immigration and refugees. People are also highly tired of most established parties and the left-wing media keeps trashing the poor nationalist sods which gives them free publicity and sympathies. I have myself “supported” that movement and their right to free speech since they have been blocked from renting auditoriums, been stopped from doing rallies and is largely bullied by media. When this depression keep rolling along the establishment will lose more and more votes to extremists and nationalists. It’s the natural order of things. A bit surprising that the communists haven’t gained any momentum yet, they probably need a more charismatic leader that can gather the red shirts under the flag of blood and despair.

What Sweden really needs, as well as needed elsewhere, are some reaction and some loud voices from the right. Protesters and demonstrators are almost always of the leftist stripe. The reason for this is mainly because the leftis whole agenda is to get things from the state, and most of them are even get their jobs and/or financing from the government. The entire fundation of socialism is to rally for more spending, more government and more money, its in their blood. Conservatives hardly ever go out on the streets and the same goes for libertarians and other groups that actually has something to complain about. This world is deeply collectivistic and with all these stimulus packages and bail-outs and other madness; socialism will grow even further. Never before, not even under during the 30’s or during the cold war, have the left been this powerful. Socialists everywhere are jumping up and down of joy at the moment. People of the right most acknowledge this fact and get up from their fat asses. The world is going down the crapper and the main reason for this is that people that should complain and rebell don’t.

Me, I don’t vote, and I have no hope of people listening to my ramblings. I also believe that the right movements of this world will continue to be lazy until its to late. So instead I’m planing a nice retreat to some island somewhere where I can grow my own bananas and brew my own vodka. We are screwed and there is no hope in sight - there are no heros left in the world…


  1. Why do you call Sverigedemokraterna nationalistic? They are hardly nationalists but rather patriotic. There is one party in Sweden that can be called nationalistic which is Nationaldemokraterna.

  2. U might be sort of right, I suffer from the same disease as many others and collectivize people into certain folders, but I do not think I’m completely wrong either. Patriotism is a very loose term and nationalistic is a more a conformity way of looking at things so I do think that term is better description. And NationalDemokraterna is more a national socialist party than anything else.