Saturday, August 22, 2009

The next thing is WAR

This is not listening for the faint-hearted, but again, as so many times before, I find myself saying and writing the exact same thing as Gerald Celente. And if history repeat itself, and again we will be proven right in our predictions, you’ll better be prepared. Especially pay attention to what’s coming next according to Mr Celente. I have myself written the same here and I also have gone one step further here

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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Something big will happen before Christmas .The next thing we are looking to is WAR Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense radio 18 Aug 2009 The Revolution has begun :

Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute have earned the reputation as “today’s must trusted name in trends” for their accurate and timely predictions. Among them:

Predicted the “Panic of ’08” in November of 2007

Forecast the Recession of 2007 in 2004

Years before Starbucks was a household name, Gerald Celente forecast the popularity of gourmet coffee

Decades before Pepsi and Coke got into the water business, Gerald Celente predicted the “Big Boom in Bottled Water”

When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Gerald Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the “Gold Bull Run.” Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why – and how high – gold would go.

Gerald Celente coined the term “Clean Foods” in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988

Nine months before 9/11, USA Today wrote, “2001 won’t be our year, trend seer says.” Gerald Celente warned that Americans wouldn’t be safe at home or abroad. (USA Today, December 14, 2000)

The Trends Research Institute and Gerald Celente were forerunners in the natural healing/alternative health movement

On the geopolitical and economic fronts, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute are credited with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last two economic recessions, the dot-com meltdown, the 1997 Asian currency crisis and the 1987 world stock market crash

Gerald Celente has forecast many real estate trends, including the big move to vacation spots and small towns, the growth in the second home market, a real estate "fizz" in 2005 ... plus hundreds of other social, business, fashion, consumer and entertainment trends.

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