Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh, thank you kind sir

The so called “right-wing” party of Sweden, The Moderates (supposedly conservatives) is proposing a tax-cut of SEK 10 billion which is roughly to about £800 million. Although in the right direction, Sweden really need much lower taxes, this is a Pffff on top of a ‘who-cares’. Are they not nice wanting us to keep slightly more of our own money?

At the same time the Swedish government has a deficit of SEK 100 billion to cope with. In other words they need to cut spending with SEK 110 billion just to keep it even. Since this depression will keep going I would say at least the double is needed. An additional 90 billion in tax cuts and 110 billion cuts in expenditure would be sufficient for the coming years. The extra savings to cover lower incomes since more people will be unemployed. This I would say is doable before next years election and very much needed. If all local councils do the same and we finally get that stupid central bank to increase interest rates to a more secure 4-5% my birth nation would be much better equipped to handle the near future.

It also seems like the Swedish Government won't apologize or comment on the news article the Israeli idiots are complaining about. One good thing (the only one?) the current Swedish government has done. If they only could do a 180 with the fascist laws regarding internet (kind of rimes bad with the current discussion about freedom of speech) and listen to my economic advice, and Sweden would be the only country in the world heading in the right direction.


  1. yea man!! im stupid, and my mother to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Some people laughing now. But at the same time i will know, "I told you so" is not gonna feel like a winning for me. I will cry, both now and later.

    Proud to be a forecaster of tomorrow, and laughed at today!