Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pirate’s pirates everywhere

Who would have thought, just a couple of years ago, that pirates were going to be the only viable solution to several European and Swedish problems. Even I, the Oracle, did not see that one coming. Regarding the Pirate Party, however, to a certain extent; the critics have a point. It is hard for people voting for a party that just have a couple of things on their agenda and might jump to one or the other political side depending on those few issues. On the other hand people know two things. One; people know what issues drives the pirates and people know those issues will be prioritised and driven very hard – is there any other party you can say the same about? Two; outside these main issues it is mostly up to the local pirates or the individual member to set their own agenda. This means communists, libertarians, liberals and tree huggers can be on the same party list all coming together for the coming goal of getting rid of the surveillance state. For the older parties and probably also for many older people, this is very strange and I have to admit, I too have some problems with this notion, but it is also a strength and something new that very well might lead to something very good.

For me, however, there are two things that still make me an anti-pirate. Firstly, I do not vote and will consequently never vote for pirates either. Secondly; the issue with the world economy needs to be addressed. So far only libertarian parties is fighting this depression and I could never see myself supporting a political party that does not address the biggest problem humankind has ever seen. The fascist laws regarding internet might be bad, but the economy is a much bigger issue that partly is intertwined with those laws.

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