Friday, July 24, 2009

The biggest lies ever told

The Swedish communists want Sweden to; “Save the environment” – presumably the world one can say. Me, I feel very fortunate to, during my lifetime, experience several of humanities biggest lies all at the same time. Not only do we have the scam of religion (which is numero uno of all time) but we have socialism being the in-crowd thing and the current depression is being covered up by every representative of the enemy class there is. But maybe the funniest piece of this lunacy pie is the notion of man-made global warming. This absolute madness has people jumping high every time an ice sheet falls down into the ocean or whenever some carnivorous white bears pop up. It cannot be mentioned enough times; there is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming. Not a single one! Zilch! Nada! Zero!

And I’m still offering £100 to anyone that can provide just one such scientific evidence that cannot be refuted. I have been issuing challenges like this for a couple of years now and never lost any money or anything else I put up for grab. I have talked to “scientists”, politicians, environmental freaks, back-to-nature idiots, journalists and countless others and not one single person has ever put forward scientific evidence for man-made global warming. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT IS A SCAM! IT DOES NOT EXIST!


  1. Tru! The biggest scam ever

  2. Some people will always want to have the truth served by someone else and a security that's guaranteed by the same "else". if the "else" say to them that they are being attacked, they'll believe "else".

    Those people won't be getting an easy life 2012 and forward. In fact, it's going to look much like how we'd imagine Hell to be like.

    I won't shed any tears for those people since they've had 7 thousand years of existence to find out the "real applicable" truth and still goes with the "comfortable truth"-lifestyle.

    Sooner or later they will however get fed up by that existence since slavery only lasts for a couple of decades before the revolution comes so in the beginning of 2200 the people of earth will probably free themselfs from the tyrranny. If they don't, earth will be sterilized and we'll simply start over with a new "program".

  3. Christian JonassonDecember 2, 2009 at 1:07 AM

    Svenska kommunister finns de?
    Jag tycker att det finns för många blådårar....