Friday, July 24, 2009

Shoot the bastard already!

I hope that the military or the police arrest and/or kill the horrifying socialist Zelaya as soon as possible. Something that should have been done from the start. Instead civil war now threatens this poor country, mainly thanks to western elitists supporting the dictator wannabe against the democratic administration right now governing Honduras. Every democrat, everyone with the slightest decency in their veins need to stand up and support democracy and condemn the Obamination, the EU and all the dictators saying that the totalitarian Zelaya should be reinstated.

Think for a moment, just considerer what we are being told from this story. If your leader breaks the law, repeatedly, tries to change the constitution to fit his power hungry needs, fires people that do not follow his wishes, is best friend with several dictators and when everything else fails take his supporters and break into government buildings to force his will upon the people against the law, against the constitution and against everything that is democratic and right. Would you want that leader to be supported by all countries on the planet? If your government can support such a man, they can support anything. The enemy class has never shined brighter…


  1. hela du är en äckliga fascist.

  2. No, Zelaya is, well we do not really know which leftie road he is going to walk just yet, let’s just confirm that Obama and the EU member states are fascists.

    Me, I'm only supporting a democratic regime against a dictator wannabe. Seems like you disapprove of this, so who is the fascist you say?

  3. So your supporting a "democratic" governament and a new president that hasn´t been choosen by the people against the elected president that is Zelaya....

    Really makes sense...... *lol* So if i makea coup in sweden and manages to pass a constitution that says no one can be in power for more then 4 years regardless of popular support, ay one that later tries to change this can be disposed by the military with the worlds good mention?

    If you really think that you are indeed a facist/idiot.

  4. As usual you Anonymous people have no clue what you are talking about. The government has been chosen by the people and it not only has a majority of Honduras behind it, it also has the full support of every institution in the country, including Zelayas own political party. The law and the constitution give these people the democratic right to act as they did. Zelaya on the other hand has only backing of fascists and socialists that wants to change the governing structure of the nation. And it was not the military that relieved him from office, they only carried out the order, it was the legal and fully democratic institution of Honduras that did so.

    As I wrote before; imagine that your leader, whether it be Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown, Prime Mentalist Fredrik Reinfeldt or any other – does the things Zelayas did. What would happen? At the very least he/she would be thrown in jail and relieved from office. Most likely people would think he/she has goon mad and very few would support such a maniac. So how come some of you idiots do that now?

    An idiot is someone that cannot form coherent thoughts, which apparently some of you cannot. A fascist is someone that opposes democracy; embrace the great leader even if it is against the law/constitution and is seeking to socialize pretty much everything except for the biggest and strongest that is your “friends”. Who in this mess sounds like a fascist? You should really open up a book and try to understand how things work; it will benefit your travel from idiot-town.

  5. You miss the central point: Micheletti represents the economic powerful groups in Honduras. Zelayas "sin" consists in trying to smooth the huge social differences between poor indians/criollos and rich European descendans who own fabrics and transport in the country. Common people don't care too much about Micheletti, they're just too busy trying to survive this day's meals. As Swedish should you not only travel but LIVE at least 1 year in Honduras before you come with such opinions and "analys". Well, but you are young and I really hope you grow upp some day. But thanks for this forum and the possibility to write. /Honduran citizen

  6. You are jumping over the fact that Zelaya have been and still is breaking the law, going against the constitution and in doing so has not only the majority of Hondurans against him, he also have the supreme court, every political party, including his own and every other institution in the country against him. Why do you ignore those facts and never comment on them?

    But I need to admit, I do not care if the dictator wannabe Zelaya have complete backing or just a handful of supporters. I don’t care whatever and whoever Micheletti or Zelaya is representing this or that. What really matters is what is right and what is wrong. What is wrong is a person gaining dictatorial power, what is right is to oppose this and stop him.

    I am actually looking into moving to Honduras, seems like they have a future in this world, most other nations seems not to have.

  7. Du har så rätt. Folk vet ingenting om Honduras. Jag funderar själv på att flytta dit. Jag äger själv ett hus bara 20 min. från Las Manos. Frihet åt det Honduranska folket. Frihet åt HONDURAS. Zelaya är bara en pajas som har förbrukat rätten att finnas till.

  8. Håller kanske inte med om att man bör skjuta Mel men visst skulle det vara enklare, däremot så håller jag helt med om att Honduras mår bättre utan honom vid makten.
    Bodde i Centralamerika under 8 år var i Tegucigalpa ca 4-5 dagar per månad.
    Träffade honom under en middag på ett hotell i Tegucigalpa, och det var ingen som ingav förtroende. Köper inga begagnade bilar av honom...
    Så jag har i alla fall en aning om vad jag pratar om. Precis som Chavez, Ortega och andra Stalin wannabees används de fattiga som en ursäkt för allt. "Folket tycker såhär" verkar vara giltigt för att göra precis som man vill.

    Släpp inte in honom och låt honom flyga runt i privatjets ifrån Venezuela medan han gör uttalanden ifrån Managua, samtidigt som han sätter sprätt på pengar ifrån Alba Nicaragua(odeklarerade pengar ingen har insyn i).


  9. Hahaaa! it's so funny to see how you react when people don't think good thoughts about Micheletti. Yes, so the last question to you: why didn't the Italian let Zelaya be prosecuted/arrested/judged in Honduras, if he has broken the law? Why did Micheletti send him to Costa Rica instead? mmm well, you can be so ironic and laugh so much about poor indians in Honduras but if you can't stand out with oppossition, why do you get your nose in Honduran politics??? I hope you feel great after humilliating poor people who just don't have (because of European elite groups there) the possibility to basic education that could help them get a better life standard. /Honduran citizen

  10. The answer to that question is easy, the constitution - although clear, as well as the law, regarding does and don’ts - do not state what to do in this situation. In any other country in the world Zelaya would have been thrown in jail, which the Honduras, of course, also should have done. But in the lack of law to say what to do during these particular circumstances, they choose to deport him. Not the best solution, granted, better to have shoot the dictator wannabe or at least, as said, thrown him into jail.

    And I do not laugh over Indians in particular; don’t think I have said anything of the sort on this topic. And opposition? Pfffff… please. The supporters for the legal government and their justified actions are performing rallies on the street in tens of thousands. Many many more than ever can be found in the anti-democratic camp.

    And I put my nose in this because it is the right thing to do. Also most of the western governments is standing up and defending the warmongering bastard Zelaya and I’m mainly here to stick it to those idiots that rules me and mines lives. Next they will come after us and it is time to speak up before that happens!!

  11. Actually the military overstepped their authority when they sent him abroad, and I believe they did so out of the old code of honor in Latin America: Do no harm to the old dictator. But it was most unfortunate and I think no ex dictator will ever be treated with silk gloves again, but thrown in the deepest dungeon like Saddam Hussein.