Friday, July 24, 2009

Stop child mutilation

Swedish regions (Landsting) are being told to perform the atrocious act of child mutilation. Something that should be completely outlawed

“Here you have a healthy young boy. Please cut of some pieces of his flesh. Why? Because it is said so in some book and/or by some priests that like young boys to be cut and sliced”

Just because some religious fanatics and some Mengele-types like to cut & paste some human flesh it is supposed to be implemented in Swedish practice. Many doctors stand up for human rights and refuse to perform this despicable act of depravity, which is good and all, but what about those butchers that do use this method of torture? Shouldn’t Haag be notified and Swedish jails be filled with these scumbags? How the fuck can anyone do such horrific acts to their own child? It is sickening on holocaust levels. Some pricks use the religion- and other culture crap “argument” as an excuse to cover up their own bloodthirst. If people coming to Sweden like to mutilate their Children, we should take away their children and put those out for adoption and throw the psychos back to whatever hell they came from.

Anyone supporting this scheme of useless circumcision that has no base whatsoever in either science or common sense should come to my house. I will cut off your ears and your left leg. Why? Because that is my religion, it’s to make bending down to God and hearing the divine spirit easier.


  1. You trying to avoid things like governments and religion?

    Well, this is all about the swedish government giving in for religious (jewish) lobbyists.

    We're still "in debt" to them since 1945 and will accept their atrocities in whatever form they appear.

  2. Well, there is Muslim idiots, Christian fools and not very religious maniacs doing the same. So it is not only the Jewish crack-pots that likes to cut into their childs. There is a lot of idiots in this world, but one can think that cutting things off a child would not be excepted, but it is... This wold is so screwed up...

  3. To put it into perspective. Its a small, useless piece of skin. In USA where circumcision is very common complications are extremely rare.

    Refering to mutilation and Mengele (who tortured children in the name of science, i really dont understand what he has to do with this?) seems excessive to me. And comparing it to holocaust is just insane. One is a small piece of skin, the other is massmurder. Do you really lack the ability to compare those things?

    To be honest this smells more like hatred for jews than it does of care for the children.

  4. Jews are not more or less stupid than anyone else. Most of them are idiots, of course, as most Christians, Muslims, Hindus and people of all other religions or nationalities.

    And to answer your “argument”. There are a lot of small pieces of skin one can cut off. A bit of or a whole ear for instance, a piece of the thigh, love handles. Some people don’t use their muscles, we can cut those off. The nose is very useless; you can smell things without that thing sticking out of your head. But why stop there? If religion or some headless Doctors think it is okay, why not cut of limbs? Arms? The whole penis? The head? If you can argue for one piece of the body that is “okay” to cut off, then the same goes for every other piece.

    The holocaust and Mengele had about the same agenda as these butchers we are talking about. Whether you perform torture, mutilations and child abuse under the disguise of National Socialism, Science or religion, what is the difference?

    And don’t care what you or anyone else do with their own bodies, however, this should a own choice, not something you are forced, hold down and tortured with at an age when you have nothing to say or act about it.

  5. The difference is that most of the things you suggest cutting off have a function. They do something. I'll grant you the earlobe, that would be the same. It would also be a harmless operation with purely estetic value. The rest of the ear has a function.
    In a different society we might consider cutting our hair to be mutilation.

    The nose is not useless. Try again.

    No one dies due to circumcision and it hardly qualifies as torture. You persist in comparing it to massmurder, which makes me worry about the huge importance you place in the foreskin.

  6. I’m not comparing it to mass murder; I’m comparing torture with torture. I’m comparing cutting of one piece of the body with another. There is no reason whatsoever, medically or scientifically, to cut off the foreskin. Neither is there any reason for chopping of a leg or an arm. If preformed by doctors, no one would die from cutting off both arms and during anesthetics it would not be “torture”. So, according to your argument (partly with the exception for the usage factor); I can start a religion that argues that arms and legs should be cut off at birth and this is great and within my rights. And do you really need those arms and legs? If all you are going to do is praise the lord all day, what’s the diff?

    The appendix, the left over from our tail days, the nose, outsticking ears, none of these have any “real” function. And does the penis really have a function? It is there for reproduction, but sperm can be grown without the penis, let’s cut it all off!

    And even IF I’m totally wrong and have no argument in your eyes, what about the notion of free choice? Do you really think a child that cannot speak and have no idea who Jahve or Allah or God or Hillary Clinton is, have a rational mind working saying: “Yes, please cut of that piece of my penis”? At least acknowledge that this should be an adult choice.

  7. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  8. You are most welcome but please remember; I am a wee bit nicer than I seem... :))

  9. Självklart ska man INTE stympa små barn utan medicinska skäl i ett modernt samhälle!

    Här finns lite bilder av stympningar av småpojkar. Varning dock för mycket starka bilder!!!