Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taking the racist approach

Sweden’s newspapers are reporting about the latest Obama incident when he and some other black fellow, really shows their true color of being racists. Yes it is true, even a black man can be a racist and it is hard to see how these two cannot be. Well, the house owner might just be playing that card to get away, but surly the Obamination could and should know better so he has no excuse. Just as we have been shown before there is no hold bars when it comes to the Obamination.

For those that want to read about the arrest: Here it is

A witness report can be read here

I’m no fan of law enforcement and I know there are a lot of as-holes in police in every country on this planet. I also think that people are allowed to do whatever to their own homes, but in this case is isn’t that hard siding with the cop. But of course newspapers are siding with the racist president.

Just imagine that you're a good cop - and a young woman quickly calls you with her cell phone to tell you she see a individual breaking into an apartment (with the help of a black yellow cab driver) and making terrible noise. What will you do?

Unfortunately, the loud Gentleman breaking into a house will also refuse to show his ID. He will also threaten you by emphasizing that he is not a guy to be messed up with.

Of course, if you are a good cop, you must arrest the guy. If the guy whom being arrested was Skip Gates, the boss of the Department of Professional Blacks at Harvard University, and he was breaking into his own apartment because the he locked himself out - and because the lock doesn't really work so it could be opened by violence, is actually beside the point. Don’t you think?

Stupid journalists, as usual not doing their jobs. The Obamination should be crucified in papers for uttering such stupidities, but he can still get away with murder this one…

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  1. Blow the colonial country USA to hell. This country was stolen and raped by Europeens. USA and Europe has been invading countrys for natural resourses. They talking about democrazy but they dont practice what the preach. The western world is talking about integration but practising segregration. I have more respect of a man who tells me where he stands then someone coming up as an angel but is nothing but a devil.