Thursday, April 9, 2009

The signs you should worry about

After months of nearly pure darkness, glimmers of “enhancement” are emerging in the U.S. economy. President Obama's top economic advisor, Lawrence H. Summers, even claimed there was no longer "that sense of a free fall" in the economy. Can you say “clueless”? This Summers idiot should read my post further down why this might happen and why it is an illusion.

So while the Obamanator is buying thousands of cars for borrowed and newly printed money to support this dream of total madness; out in the real world far from the asylum that is politics global shipping is expected to plunge 74 percent this year. Demand for commodities is dropping like a stone and the dry cargo index have fallen 92 percent the last year and the drop is expected to continue the next 2 years. For those who don’t know, the dry cargo market is a sure bet when looking at how the world’s total economy is going and drops like these has never been heard of before.

Another topic I have written about before is the sex-industry which continues to see a fall in people searching for erotic pleasures. This is also a sure sign of things going downhill since prostitution is considered to be a recession-safe industry and when prostitutes start looking for a better way of making a living, you know something else is getting screwed up.

And China, which is probably the key that will open the depression door, have had five consecutive monthly declines in both imports and exports. And what is happening lately is that the decline in exports has slowed down while the decline in imports has accelerated.

And I just haft to mention this German nationalization again which is so funny. Not since during Hitler’s glory days have a bank been nationalized, but now they are doing it again.

All these and much more are signs of the recession gaining momentum, not halting as politicians would like you to believe. Even signs of “better times” like increase in oil prices and some temporary upwards jumps in the financial markets are in reality signs of things really going towards hell right now. If you want to invest in something, invest in gold and similar items that hold a more objective value. Or, if you have a lot of money, go and look for those companies that benefits from all the stimulus’s, but please remember to withdraw your money sooner rather than later. And to all of you; have you started buying candles and dried up food packages yet? If not, do so now.


  1. these actions may lower the value of money that people save for bad times. it will not have the same effect of lowering the value of 'investments' that wealthier intellects have made, that are intended to be solid, even if bad times come, such as the a devaluation of money.

  2. The problem with that positive notion is that those “investments” need to be left alone in a time of crisis: not losing in value thru taxation, restrictions or other things governments will sooner or later impose on them. In other words, that notion doesn’t hold ground when it comes down to it. And devaluation of money in regards to what? What was before the crisis or before the investment? Or is it in regard to higher (very high) interest rates you are talking? Money in itself isn’t really a problem if it is inflating or deflating - at least as long we are not talking Zimbabwe levels - it is in regard to other things it becomes a problem.