Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fantastic news from the world

Bulk carriers and container ships in Asia, most evidently in China, are loading less and less cargo and trips are being cancelled.

Australia's unemployment rate jumped to 5.7% in March from 5.2% the previous month, the biggest monthly rise in 18 years, official figures have shown.

The Irish Republic has unveiled its second budget in six months to deal with its rapidly contracting economy.

Tourism continues to worsen in Miami-Dade, with hotel taxes dropping faster in February than they did in January. Taxes charged on hotel guests plunged 24 percent in February, compared to a 17 percent drop in January.

Germany has not nationalized a bank since the 1930s. But NOW the German government moved a step closer to fully nationalizing Hypo Real Estate Holding, saying it planned to buy all of the troubled mortgage lender’s outstanding shares.
-Everybody say "sieg" to the camera

The Indian Apex chamber FICCI have now suggested an action plan to meet the funding requirements of the industry which is currently going through difficult times.
– haha... Now India is soon in the race for global depression

And lastly a quote which is very funny. He is talking about the last couple of weeks with an increase in oil prices. You will get why this is so funny when the depression hits us soon

"People are buying oil when they see signs of economic hope,"
/ Phil Flynn, analyst at Alaron Trading Corp.

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