Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well well well…

Suddenly several news media in Sweden are printing and saying things that are sort of negative about Annika Östberg. I have followed this topic for many years and I have never seen so many “negative” reports. And you know that Swedish journalists are after blood when they start writing/telling us about costs and throws money numbers around. Suddenly her flight costs money. Suddenly it costs money to have her in prison. Nah, really? I don’t know if there is some rude awakening from Leif GW Persson contribution to this discussion or that journalists suddenly realize (partly from visiting a lot of blogs) that there is more than one way of selling this story or possibly (but not likely) the monkeys are thinking and doing some research for once. Whatever the reason I actually think this is kind of "impolite". The media have more or less in unison sold the heart-breaking side of this story and suddenly when Annika actually is “free” or at least transferred, they start writing the crappy side of the story. Kind of a bad welcome for the lady in question. I still think that this murderess woman should stay in jail, preferably of the American variety, but it kind of take the fun out of it when people are starting to sing the same tune. Maybe she won’t get those 15min on morning TV selling her book after all?

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