Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brown & Obama starting camps – democracy in big trouble

The Obaminator
I have written several times about the planed “youth”-camps that the Obama administration is planning. Maybe to fight pirates? Anyway, they are going to force people to do “community service” and they will learn how to perform “civic duties”. At least 250 000 people are going to be forced by the totalitarian Obaminator, but this is just a start. By this bastard’s own words this is going to be an “army as strong and as well founded as the military”. I’m not making this up; it is the truth directly from the horse’s mouth. You can check out my earlier ramblings here: Nowish

One of Obama’s speeches:

There are a lot of other sources and facts about this, please read and draw your own conclusions. Check also this out:

Gordon Brown (no pun attended with that last name)
But of course this isn’t enough and of course Gordon Brown needs to follow his socialist companion’s example. BBC reported today this:

“Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 hours of voluntary work by the time they are 19 years old. Mr Brown said a promise to bring in compulsory community service would be a part of his next election manifesto.” BBC

This smug little fatty is totally under fire these days with ministers and campaign officers doing this or that and with the financial crisis lurking. But he still takes the time to send out a message what he wants to do; educate and form the youth. Ever heard that being said before? And another fun thing is that military officers being brought to the UK apparently gets questions how they feel about using force against their own populace. Isn’t this I cute little scenario unfolding?
These two socialists know this crisis is going to last for a long time; they know people sooner rather than later are going to start rioting and they know they are mainly to blame for it. What do you think they are going to do? Take it? Confess? They have weapons and they are prepared to use them. I know I sound like a conspiracy nut, I’m not, this is scary shit unfolding and you better take notes.

Democracy in serious trouble
To all this mess we can also add all the things with the Internet going on lately. I have been too occupied with the increasing socialism creeping up upon us through the disguise of bailouts, socialization of banks and growing deficits that I almost have ignored all the laws regarding Internet that is created everywhere. Of course the government cronies with their high salaries and countless employees would move stealthily also in this department. We have international agreements like ACTA that nobody except those in charge are supposed to read and know about, we have national laws that are supposed to protect us from child-pornography and horrifying evil-doers like youngster listening to music. Internet traffic is being monitored all over, spies from this or that agency is roaming around looking for “tax-avoiders” or “terrorists” and all along cries about further restrictions and more regulations is heard from politicians, cultural workers and the police.

Now we are seeing the first signs of the next stage in this plot to get rid of the free air-waves. A more frequent question being asked is: How can someone be more interested in the writings of some obscure local communists then the writings of the high and mighty in parliament? Blog-storms is a phrase (or similar ones) that is being used all over the world to describe when people from all over react together, but from different points of views, to bombard the internet with opinions and facts that make politicians and other know-it-all-people tremble. This also is being targeted by some like something “strange”; “new” and maybe even “dangerous” since the old media is getting overrun, and who is the public going to trust? The blogosphere or well educated journalists? These sorts of questions are being raised more often. And with the resent fall of one of Gordon Brown closest confidants through libertarian bloggers, several lefties is reacting, not only indignant against this sleazy trash-talker that had to resign, oh no, against the blogosphere. Not really open and directly – not yet – but still clear enough that something is wrong when “normal people” can overthrow government officials. To quote Daniel Hannan when asked why he got famous:

"How did it happen, in the absence of any media coverage? The answer is that political reporters no longer get to decide what's news. (...) Now, a thousand bloggers decide for themselves what is interesting."

This is will not do for those in power and believe me, they will find some ways to stop it. I do not expect them to burst thru my or your door and take computers by force – although I do not rule it out either and it is already happening here and there – but they will probably move sneakier. Maybe banning Internet suppliers? Laws against trashing public officials? Who knows what they will do, but it will come. If you do not already have those laws or restrictions in your country already. And when this crisis hits us even harder then today, which it will do, all this mess, all these preparations, they will be put to use. You do not form indoctrination camps, ask military if they are willing to kill their own citizen and trash the opposition, if you are not willing to use it in a real crisis.

Basically; we are screwed

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