Sunday, April 12, 2009

See US go deeper and deeper

The complete madness of the Obaminator and his socialist idiocy neatly shown in this little video. If you didn’t reflect about how horrifyingly these dreadful policies are, maybe a more cartoon approach might make you think about things. And remember, this is just the spending; it does not take into account the interest rates on the loans or the ticking inflation bomb. While the madman toys with his new dog and is playing 'pirates', you and the rest of the world is going further down the abyss. And while he is ordering pizza in true dictatorship manor and getting it flown across the world, the crisis worsens by the minute. And please also remember, this is only the US. Add to this Australia, Europe, China, Japan and all the other crazies out there and what a fine mess we have.

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