Monday, March 16, 2009

Seen anything suspicious about your neighbor?

Is the strange looking man next door with those way to healthy children getting to you but you don’t really know why? It might be because he has a job, seems to like his job to the bugger. And didn’t you hear him play some devil music from the radio that one time? And he has that carpet in the living room that looks suspiciously Persian. He might be praying towards Mecca in secret. And his wife has really to firm breasts after giving birth two times. And she really flaunts them to, that teasing minx. Pushing them closer to your face every time she is alone with you and just when you are getting horny she takes them away and walks into the next room so you haft to move the telescope again. Didn’t your neighbor buy some soap in big bottles the other day? Isn’t that something you can use to make bombs? And he might be Jewish, only Jews like to go to work. And that oldest daughter that starting to develop has already had boys over. Maybe even she let them touch her legs or kiss her on the lips and that can only mean that her parents don’t look after her as they should. Maybe because they are too busy sending radio signals to foreign countries? When you think about it, didn’t the wife actually put on a burka one time, or was it just a scarf? Well it was kind of windy, but it surly looked suspicious. And you did hear him talking negatively about taxes, the unpatriotic bastard. Spitting on the flag like that and mouthing of about his money. He might just be one of those anarchists you heard about. In either way, you might wanna pick up that phone and call, just to be on the safe side. Just remember to also tell the government about that black guy down the street. Look to be up to no good that one too.

‘Don’t rely on others. If you suspect it, report it.’ That is the key message of the national counter-terrorism campaign launched today (yesterday) in the UK.
The campaign, which will use print, radio, outdoor and transport advertising, will remind people to be vigilant as they go about their daily business and to call the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 if they are concerned about suspicious activity.
“Terrorists live alongside us in our communities. They make their plans while doing all they can to blend in. They try to avoid raising suspicions about what they are up to.

“We want people to look out for the unusual – some activity or behaviour which strikes them as not quite right and out of place in their normal day to day lives – and to take responsibility for reporting it.

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