Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tiny smurf casts long shadows

When most other countries are cutting back on armament and nuclear phallus thingy’s, Russia plans to do the opposite. I love Russians, always so predictable. President Dmitri A. Medvedev – the one with the strings attached to him – have declared this despite not really having founds for it. It might be a political maneuver to get Obama Bin Laden to cut down on NATO expansion, but the marionette isn’t really the problem, the tiny little smurf Putin is. Tiny men like Putin have inferiority problems which make big hunky rockets shaped like the male reproduction organ comforting since he has problems reaching a normal sized woman’s tits.

So I hold Putin as number one on my he-who-will-start-it-all-list. When the real financial crisis hits America and the rest of the world, I will keep a close eye on Putin with one hand down the popcorn bag and the other ready to post a final blog entry before all the fun starts. And you already know what my final words will be: “I told you so”.