Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your government at work

The horrific government has again told us how things work. Government is in charge and decides what kind of store you can or cannot have. Government tells you what’s right and wrong. Government controls what kind of product you can or cannot own and what you can sell or give away to others. And it doesn’t matter if you are old, young, rich or poor. In Sweden a nice little old lady at the tender years of 77y had cigarettes and alcohol at home she allegedly sold to others. She has now been convicted and is going to have to pay a hefty sum for “illegal” possession of alcohol and crimes against the law of tobacco. I’m just surprised she didn’t end up in jail. Why do you idiots let them do this to you? Are you happy being controlled, monitored and taxed up your colon? And what do you think would have happen to this old lady if she had resisted and protected her rights as a human? That’s right, she would get hurt and possible get killed. Murdered by government, like billions of others. I never understood how so many people can accept being controlled in this way, and this throughout the ages. But as I said, you are all idiots.

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