Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A pink dolphin? That would look good stuffed and dead

Some animals are great to kill, like tigers and elephants, just to prove you are better than they are. Others are great to kill because they are in the way, like polar bears. Others need to be put down because of their evilness like Koala Bears or those retched cows. But the biggest satisfaction might come from those rare finds, like a pink Dolphin for instance. I mean who wouldn’t love that thing dead and stuffed in your living room? The only thing I wondering about is if there is more of them or will one of these soon to be dead and stuffed things be the only example?

Soon at a funeral near you.


  1. Love your humor! I plan on borrowing your comment the next time one of my brothers goes deer hunting, "Are they in your way, or is it their evilness that has doomed them to this fate?" That should go over well with the Redneck Texas crowd....which is exactly why I will use it.


  2. I bet they taste like chicken