Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Maybe you won’t die?

I don’t know how many of you that remembers the Ozone thingy in the 80’s. It was its times “Environmental disaster!” Apparently refrigerators, hairspray and greenhouse gases nibbled away at the ozone layer creating a hole that became bigger for each day you picked up the newspaper. Doomsday analysts like scientists, biologists and politicians spoke of “a new ice age” (or much hotter climate, depending on the day) and Cancer was going to be the biggest plague mankind had ever seen. Predictions about the future of humans and the cancer that were going to hit us all were gloomy at best. If those predictions had been right there would have been piles of people everywhere dead or dying from cancer. Suddenly I read in today’s paper that the ozone layer is getting thicker… what..? No death and Cancer epidemics? How come? Did the scientists, biologist’s politicians and Armageddon spokespersons get it wrong? That has never happen before…


  1. Maybe due to the ban on Ozone-attacking gases?

  2. And maybe I will spurt some wings and flutter away like all those green pigs that fly around over our heads...

  3. The article says that the ozone layer is thicker than it has been since the late 80s, which is when it was really thin, so it doesn't say much. Without the ozone layer there would be a significant increase in, for example, skin cancer. That is no guess, it's a fact. And as one of the comments says, the ozone layer is getting thicker thanks to the banning of CFC gases.