Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oink oink again…

One youngster in Sweden has been convicted of saying “Nöff nöff” (Oink oink) to a couple of pigs… oh... sorry, police officers. His terrible sentence after being dragged to court and costing the tax payers a bundle is a fee of 200kr (around 18 pounds). The same 15y old can now go to school and call his fellow classmates hookers and pimps and he can even yell to the teacher and get nothing but maybe lower grades. This is completely absurd. Why did the prosecutor drag this to court? Didn’t the police officers have murderers or rapist to run after? And why should the tax payers pay for this crap?

I know that the police are the prolonged arm of the government and that they sometimes shoot and kill harmless citizen, but normally I actually have respect and some confidence in the police, but this is just ridiculous. Here you have some pictures (maybe I can cost some money to?):


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