Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How you know you are an idiot

There is lots of indication of your stupidity. Praying towards Mecca and contemplating to blow up an airplane in order to be hugged by some virgins is a pretty sure sign of idiocy. If you believed that the Bible should be read literary or that Obama will be good for America is other good signs of your insanity. I can count up several ways of measuring your low intelligence, but something that never fails is this question:

“Do you believe that the government can give you something?”

99, 9% of all people will answer yes to this and other follow up questions like: Can you get free education? Is healthcare free of charge? Can the government help you get a job? And so on. Consequently 99, 9% of all people on this planet are idiots. And there is really no end to this madness. People have thought and still believe that politicians can give them cheaper groceries, better theaters or even better sports teams. Trash collecting can be: “complimentary” and things like water and electricity can be: “on the house”, all we haft to do is: let politicians make the decisions and give us these things. In the traces of the resent financial crisis people believe that if the government increase spending and help us with some more money, it will be fixed. How did you all become so dense and without any sense of reality?

If you are one of the few people on this planet that know that the unnecessary roundabout of governments not only don’t make things “free” or “cheaper” but in reality actually does the complete opposite, than you have some grey matter working for you. Not that it helps, if you are anything like me you drink a lot, do drugs, and sleep with strangers or run away as much as possible from that annoying reality. Knowledge isn’t bliss people and maybe that’s the answer to why you all are so incredible stupid, you don’t want to know.

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