Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chavez again

Dear Hugo,

You have now soon realized every politician’s wet dream; becoming a dictator with people voting for it. Now you have nationalized pretty much everything and can soon go over to the next stage in your masterful ways with more open executions and imprisonments. You have shown us how to trick, manipulate and rule those idiots beneath us. This is a great inspiration to us all and we wish you the very best in the future.

With regards,

United Nations

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  1. Dear Friend,

    I Happy that there are some idiots out there that still believe all the crap we talked them. We have successfully pumped up theirs brains with some illusions that those jackasses still defend.

    We told the idiots about "free Markets" and we talk about something about "democracy" and "Liberty"… which of course we mean "Liberty of action to us" when we talk about "Free markets" we of course " Free for us" ...As we own almost all media it was not difficult to pumping out all this bullshit without any problem...

    As a security measure we employ only "people with the right mental disposition" i.e. people that support our agenda (most of them unfortunately are not "true believers" but only people seeking our gratifications…bonuses they call them now I believe) ...any way we had success quite well until recently…when we can in, how can I say, in same unexpected troubles...You know...the prices went down more that we expected…and "positive growth trend" we created with "our own money creation approach" for 30 years ago or "cash machine" as Milton used to refer it. Ohh Boy what a time!! Great Fun!!

    Now we had to find out something and soon...We had convinced some friends to get us the taxpayers´ money... way we talked them that the whole shit would explode if they refuse! They believe us again the jackasses!! Incredible! I

    Well, we had some minor problem with some " hard core" people that still is arguing about "the free market" and other stuff…they are really making a hell for us! they dont understand that the time for such speech is over...We have to stop them before they damage us! This is what happens when you mix idiots with the real people that know what is all about!!

    Well, I have to leave. i have some politicians to convert from "neoliberal" to " keynesian"...My bank need a couple more of billions dollar…you know.

    Ciao My friend