Sunday, February 15, 2009

You are going to die! Part XI

Natural disasters are one of the best entertainers there is. Thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people might perish during floods, volcanoes erupting or through earthquakes. There is Typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and that oh so funny rainstorm. With the exception for pandemics’ and human inventions like religion and socialism, natural disasters are the main killer of humans.

But the fun part isn’t that people dies, that’s kind of sad, and it’s not even the real force of nature showing off. No, the real funny thing about this is people looking so surprised when a Tornado in tornado country has destroyed their homes. What? A tornado here? No way! And those people living on the hillside of a volcano are equally surprised when hot lava beds come rushing through their bedrooms. And if people live in southern Florida, the east coast of India or the coastal regions of China and get hit by some massive storm, they actually seam astonished how it could happen. Okay, many of them cannot be blamed for this stupidity. There is not always a warning before an Earthquake for instance, but many of them shouldn’t really look surprised and be running for their lives if they had just paid attention to the fact that they are living on an active volcano! And this is what makes it funny!

There is also some other things that are not as deadly, but still as funny. Every year there are many parts of the world where it starts to snow and ice is formed on the streets. But also every year people drive as usual, don’t use spiked tires or walk around in sneakers. Broken bones, car crashes and accidents spike during this first period of colder climate. This every year!

So if you don’t get shot by your government, snuffed by a disease, die from living in your own home (brrr…) or fall down from old age, natural disaster is the most likely candidate to kill you. But you keep that spirit up; it makes your demise even funnier.

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