Sunday, February 15, 2009

Those dictators are amusing

While Hugo Chavez is doing his best to impose socialism in Venezuela, on another continent, Robert Mugabe is partying like its 1984. Throughout history those who have thrown the best and most lavishing party’s have been those in power. Granted, they have done it on stolen money while most of their people have been starving, but still, those dictators knows how to shake it and swing it. According to the latest from Zimbabwe our friend Mugabe did celebrate his 85th birthday with 2000 bottles of champagne, 8000 lobsters and 500 bottles of whiskey. This guy is great isn’t he? The food shortage in his country is high, unemployment is almost total and inflation is rendering any money useless, but still he somehow manages to steal some more money from his people. Good for him.

And back in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won the latest referendum. He needed to use billions of his people’s money to convince them how to vote, but he did it. Now he has changed the country almost totally, with him as dictator and showing politicians everywhere how to convince people to vote for totalitarianism. Between him and our other good friend from history, Adolf Hitler, politicians now have a good ground to stand on.

This is absolutely fabulous and if you never did understand the funny thing about those in power, you should be able to grasp these at least. If you think Mugabe’s spending are a bit too much, you should watch how your own politicians do away with other people’s money. Without any exceptions, every last one of our politicians live on, party on and decide over; your money. That’s the nature of the game. Politician only costs money, they don’t produce any. Mugabe is only showing us a little bit of their true color. And Chavez, he is making the best of what he got; the support of idiotic people, just like your politician does, only at a bit less spending rate.

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