Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brainless Swedes pays for the idiocy

After one student pretended to be a mad women and got herself locked away at a psychiatric ward and this latest student that smashed a subway train, both claiming it to be art, the “art school” in question seems to be willing to look over their rules. Why!? Don’t do it! There is not often the Swedish people get upset over seeing their tax money go down the drain, this actually makes them think. Don’t take that away. Please! This small little waste of tax money is a little fart in a Tornado compared to all the wasteful idiocy that goes on in Sweden. I truly hope Konstfack (the name of the school) gets more money and get more students just like these ones. Smashing, crashing and burning stuff all over the country. They are showing the true face of idiocy and by doing so also makes people look into their own faces and maybe seeing their own part in this drama. You have voted for it! You are paying for it!

Please Konstfack! Do me and the country of Sweden a big favor and keep supporting, nourish and pay for this absurdity with that tax money you get. I love you!

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