Saturday, February 7, 2009

You are going to die! Part IV

Have you ever noticed all the prefixes and suffixes added in the news and papers all over the world that are only there to scare you? If there is a storm coming, it’s a Super Storm! If snowfall is approaching, it’s; heavy snowfall! This even if the snowflakes is hardly visible. Tornadoes in the American midd west are not called tornadoes anymore, they are called: Killer Tornados! We have super volcanoes and massive rainfalls. But nature phenomenon you kind of expect these kinds of superlatives about and sometimes they might even be right in mentioning a hurricane that’s killing hundreds of people: a killer. But it does not stop there. Instead we can read about: the new killer drug! Some poor kid have swallowed a couple of pills to many and died or a drug addict have tried some new constellation and dropped dead, and suddenly we have a mass murdering drug on our hands. The headlines seam to tell us about this huge epidemic causing our youth to die like flies around us and at any moment some doped up rapist might jump at us from the shadows and before he dies from that overdose, we will get infected ourselves! And it does not even stop with things like drugs and weapons that actually might be dangerous, anything and everyone is a potential reaper.

You might get cancer from chips, you need to eat about 25 bags each day for your entire life to increase the risk of getting cancer from chips, but the newspapers does not care. Instead the headline reads: Chips causes’ cancer!

And if we are not dying from bird flu or mad cow disease we are being target by the: “New super cold!” This wretched cold that have manage to kill a couple of 96 year olds with bad hearts are roaming free through the country and massacre everyone.

And when we are not getting killed by cell phones and computer screens (that are death traps) we can learn about the colour E978*, an additive in some food or candy, that are: “A known cause of leaver failure!” It has never happen, if you do not count that idiot that did eat 33 pounds of that stuff together with 10 gallons of whiskey.

And off course when all of these horrifying mass murdering things becomes public knowledge, the politicians most act accordingly. An upset government official will appear in some news show and promise the people that the government is looking in to the matter. Meanwhile some environmental group will protest against the government’s lack of action against those pesky food addictives and that old computers are not being recycled. New laws are passed and the country can breathe again, the danger is over. But then it strikes! “Sugar in sodas causes obesity!” This is no real news, but combined with the “new fact” that this also leads to:”A massive increase in kidney problems!” and the horrible revelation of: “obesity increases the risk of getting cancer by 300%!” you have a mass panic streaming out through the general public! And once again the government most take action, eagerly applauded by some thin middle class soccer mums that really do not like their obese neighbors.

This never ending cycle of killers and news terrifies and keeps the population on its toes. No one really thinking about the fact that they are all going to die sooner or later. It sells news and increases the laws by several shelves of books each year, but you are still going to die. You might feel a little bit better about yourself recycling or refusing to use cell phones, but you are still going to die. You might be thin, work out each day and never touch drugs, but still, you will die. Me, I read the news and watch the TV to catch the news about that healthy hunk that got killed, you know the one who always give to the poor and loves animals. I really love it when some vigorous idiot that always follow the health departments recommendations and are a member of Greenpeace get run over by a truck, flattened into a pile of bones and blood. Now that’s entertainment! And if he (or even funnier; she) also are an organ donor but are so flattened that the organs are useless, I’m laughing all day.

*have no idea what that is or if it even exists, just an example.

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