Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peter David Schiff and Me

One of the largest of the Swedish daily newspapers ( reported today about a economist who predicted the financial crisis and got laughed at for it. I actually also predicted this crisis in a couple of editorial sent to local newspapers a couple of years ago were I argued that the next crisis were in the horizon because of the increasing government intrusions on the financial markets and the constant war spending of the Bush administration. The earlier laughed at economist; Peter Schiff, had similar predictions, but with the focus on the details.

Of course Peter Schiff is a Libertarian closely linked to the Austrian school of economics and consequently one of those that normally get ridiculed in most media. And with most journalists saying that the crisis is the libertarians fault and the right wing movement once again has proven that right policies lead to financial crises, this economist, among others, are being ignored. Strangely a Swedish newspaper actually shows the truth for once and indirectly shows how stupid people really are.

Here is another prediction for ya. Obama Bin Laden and his European counterparts will spend billions upon billions and the crisis will continue for a couple of years and when we finally see some brightness in the future every left winged creature out there will say that the left policies work and saved us from the crisis, bringing on even more socialist crap, worsening the foundation we stand on. In 15 years from now another crisis will emerge, this time much worse that will, like in the 20’s and 30’s will see the raise of totalitarian societies and a another big war will break out. Remember were you read about the apocalypse first!

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