Thursday, February 5, 2009

News, poker and Internet

It’s hard to believe but Its Friday. When I finally got to sleep this morning after playing poker and listening to mice scratching away at the walls during the night and morning, some idiot of an old lady calls my cell phone. At 7:50am! People should get shot for stuff like that! So with no sleep I’m watching the snow pouring down and reading LA times. I never read Swedish newspapers or watch Swedish TV, the journalists in this country are communists, almost all of them are. And the news comes through a government agency and the existing news gets both founding and direct contributions from the state. So it’s not really news, it’s rather fiction and left wing propaganda. Reading papers from other countries and watching news from Fox or similar stations is necessary to keep the propaganda out. Thank God for Internet. No wonder governments wants to control, tax and outlaw Internet, they are not in control of the information and people can gather information on their own and we can’t have that now can we…

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