Monday, September 10, 2012

Yet another spastic colon speaks

Find this sexy now? I doubt you feel the same a few years from now... 

I notice this little piece over at Monty Pelerin´s place. Pretty fascinating stuff, although not very surprising. What you need to pay attention to is that here we have another voice from inside the belly of the beast stating the obvious conclusion of what our Great Leaders have been doing the latest years; namely only postponing The Greatest Depression, not hindering or stopping it, only postponing.

The second conclusion you should draw is that decisions made did not only postpone our impending financial apocalypse, they´ve been instrumental in worsening it. Every new loan taken, every extra money printed, every extra government program, every additional restriction – it as all been to rebuild our castles of sand along the shoreline while ignoring a super tsunami approaching.

The third, and possible most interesting, conclusion you should draw is what I´ve been saying for a long time now; that those above us, the elitists, they knew and they still know where this is heading. They knew that increasing the debt-ceiling would only postpone the crisis and at the same time worsen it. They knew that all they were doing was postponing the worst shit-storm ever befallen the human race. And they knew that all they really could do was to siphon the few last pockets of wealth in order to strengthen themselves and their buddies.

 To put it plainly, all those people who believe America is the “richest country in the world” are living in mushroom land. America, like the rest of us, is broke. Bust. In the red. In the hole. Insolvent. People’s pockets have become lint traps.

But, as said, U.S.A. is by no means alone. How many of you morons out there still believe that you live in a rich country?

Do you really think that the derivatives bubble, highly manipulated markets, and all the debt-mountains existing in every single country, do not apply to you? Do you really think that when the bubble-economy collapses you will be spared? Do you think that the economic school of Robert Mugabe is the best equipped to handle our dilemma?

I´ve been trying to warn and educate for so many years now – and so have many others – that you don´t really have an excuse anymore. All the facts are there and fully available staring us straight in the face. If you´re not stacking up canned goods, dried-up food packages, candles, guns, sugar, and coffee – and if you don´t have an exit plan, an escape route, you are soon toast.

I have no idea how long they can keep this charade up or when that tsunami hits us, but it’s not long from now.

It may hit is us continuous waves that will drag the pain out for centuries, or it may it us all at once with markets crashing all around us. I don´t know this either.

What I do know is that you are running out of time.

And please, please for all that you hold dear; do not blame the wrong crowd this time. It was not the Jews, it was not the Muslims, it was not the rich, it was not immigrants, and it was not the terrorists.

This was thought up by, perpetrated by, and worsen by politicians and their buddies in crime; The Banksters. It was then sold and defended by journalists and pundits. Blame the correct people and acknowledge what really happen and maybe, just maybe, we can come out on the other side decently intact.

If you cannot or refuse to see the truth I want you to not just say hello to The Greatest Depression, I also want you to say hi to World War III.

The fattest lady in history is about to sing the highest note ever heard – where will you be and what will you be doing when all hell brake loose? 

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