Monday, September 10, 2012

The upcoming currency war

One of the funniest scenarios soon to unfold in a more open fashion is the real debasement of currencies with interest rates, loans and the printing machine used as canons against enemies. 
This is partly a completely new scenario - especially on a global scale it has never happen before – but we´re about to see it soon.

You see everyone has debts coming out of their ears. Everything you see, do, and buy and everything reported on in the news and every company and every government is dependent upon and lives by the edge of the debt monster. Only looking at the bloated total scam of the derivate market and imagining WHEN that implodes it would be enough to plunge the world into a new dark age.

The total debt in most countries (all public debt + all company debt + all private debt) is so high that it would take many decades, perhaps centuries to pay it back… if it was possible… since…

… it can never be repaid because;  total debt +interest rates > money supply

 And if that is not doing it for you, apparently central banks and the elitist’s don´t want us to even try since low/zero interest rates is the name of the game.

In Sweden for example most families used to owe around 100% of disposable income in debt, it rose to 150% during the latest years of crisis and today it stands at 170% and what is the Swedish Central bank doing to stop this development? They make money even cheaper and put up the middle finger against people stupid enough to save money.

And the Swedish government that has been doing a decent job (in comparison with the rest of the misfits of Europe) having paid of a small portion of public debt - but while doing so also encouraging municipals and families to keep borrowing - are now heading down the borrowing-printing and spending road themselves. Apparently we need a few new trains and if we need to indebt our grandchildren to get those trains; then that is what we need to do.

This story from my birth nation is probably very familiar for most of you. Debts rising, politician’s endlessly borrowing and spending, central banks doing the complete opposite of what needs to be done, and a people so stupefied and so caught up in the materialism befallen us that a TV in the bathroom and 5 new cell phones paid for with borrowed money is much more important than doing hard work in order to actually earn such things. 

What most of you don´t know is that the game is up. The market, governments, corporations and the people cannot borrow anymore. The limit is reached.

But since; total debt +interest rates > money supply, they cannot really withdraw any money from the system either - it would make it even harder to pay back those loans, especially for government that probably would need to increase taxes with about 50% just to make interest payments. Also higher interest rates would mean that most of the houses of cards we´ve built upon castles of sand would come crashing down. Those deemed better cannot do that, they won´t get re-elected.

Consequently there is only one way out in the eyes of our Great Leaders; THE PRINTING MACHINE!!

The sooner a country realizes this the sooner they will try to inflate away the problems before anyone else does.

In our global market with all of the currencies bound together towards the debt- and derivatives markets; he who inflates the most first stand most to gain. 

Of course inflation and following hyperinflation is not a good thing for anyone, but if a country can sneak their printing press into overdrive before the rest do it, they can pay off a few debts and even pass some of that inflationary cash over to others through trade and derivatives. And if they, after this, all of a sudden abandon their currency for a new one, perhaps backed by gold or any other real wealth, they can actually get away with some of this thievery. Not all, but some.

Finally most up high now knows that there is nothing they can do to save their precious jobs and cushy elitism, so they need to salvage what can still be stolen, and what better way to do so then to print shitloads of money (rob the people!) and pay off to other countries before they realize what has happen?

The currency and trade wars are about to really start. We´ve already seen embryos of it, but laughably enough it will soon go into overdrive.

This will be so fun!! 

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