Monday, September 10, 2012

How to create zombie Nazis

In Sweden all swedes know that it is “racist” to wave the Swedish flag or have a flag on your balcony. It is “racist” to go to church on graduation, its “racist” if you walk over to the other side of the street when walking up towards a bunch of black kids at night, its “racist” to listen to folk music, its “racist” to sing the national anthem, it is “racist” to have a black baby-like character on a poster, and its “racist” to complain when immigrants don´t speak Swedish and so on and so forth.

Now we also know that it is racist to oppose or complain about being evicted from our own home to make way for refugees.

Sweden used to be a pretty homogenous country. Although influx from other Nordic countries and a few refugee groups fleeing to my birth nation, it stayed pretty much the same up to about 25 years ago when all of a sudden black people, Muslims and lots of different cultures showed up in larger numbers. Suddenly Swedish folk going to the buss found themselves eye to eye with weird looking people not speaking Swedish wearing a turban or burqa. Suddenly an old lady going by taxi need to speak English and kids needed to learn when Jewish and Muslim holidays occur just so they understand why their classmates suddenly are away from school.

Combine these two, the “everyone is racist” –paradigm with a pretty sudden switch in demographics, and we get a really good foundation for real xenophobia.

Seeing how both first and second generation of immigrants, highly educated and willing to learn and adopt, are treated as sub-humans not able to study on their own and getting cut out from jobs they are actually qualified for because of regulations and high thresholds on the labor market – and seeing how refugees are pressed together into ghetto-like communities and over showered with welfare, probably aimed to get their votes, but in reality creating laziness and crushing any will they may have to blend in and become a part of Swedish society.

Seeing this, it’s neither hard to understand a certain level of resentment and aggressiveness from refugee- and immigrant youths and so higher crime-rates then natives. And of course we are always supposed to feel sorry for foreigners trashing windows and lighting up cars, a swede doing the same is however a racist… probably.

Add in the collectivism that has been running rampant for decades in my birth nation and it shouldn´t surprise anyone that xenophobic political parties grow in size or that racial hatred is festering and growing. It’s the obvious conclusion; it’s very easy to understand.

But for some reason those deemed better keep scratching their heads. Leftie journalists write piece after piece asking “why are Swedes more and more racist?”, politicians climb over each other trying to be as politically correct as they can be, and know-it-all fools blame racist parties for the existence of racist parties.

This tale could of course apply to pretty much every western nation. The step by step degradation, the political correctness while suppressing any national feeling and the blatant disregard for history and culture is obvious everywhere. Even more so looking above national level at, for example, the European Union wherein lots of different races and cultures with hundreds of different languages, historically speaking always at war with each other, are supposed to come together in a unison harmony just because the Europhiles say so, and all of that EUSSR crap is going on at the same time as we have PIIGS, economic problems, escalating unemployment, wars, famine in Africa, banking cartels ruling supreme, and while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The Norwegian sociopath Brevik is by no means alone, and he won´t be the last disillusioned moron to go apeshit. And if things continue along the same path, it wouldn´t surprise me one bit if he actually said something correct when he claimed he will be regarded as a hero somewhere down the line.

The answer to racism and how to get rid of these problems are very simple. I could fix the base of it today if I got the chance. There will always be a few mentally ill and a few national socialists around, no question, but to take away their recruiting and take away the growing support they have from normal folk, that is very easy.

All you haft to do is; eliminate all obstacles on the labor market, eliminate all (or at least; almost all) forms of welfare and treat everyone the same – the same laws and rules for everyone – do that at the same time as we let people celebrate tradition and history in their own right without public judgment.

That´s it; racism gone.

Of course that will never happen. On the contrary, they will appoint more committees to try to find out why Swedes are racists and they will continue to increase their own salaries while destroying the economy. What is publically recognized as “correct behavior” will continue to be packaged and sold with arbitrary stupidities - probably even increased in size and scope. The police and justice system will continue to crack down upon people tired of this BS, regardless if they are racists or not.

We´ve headed down this road before. Another time granted, and not exactly for the same reasons, but the basics are pretty much the same and the outcome will be exactly the same.

The true era of collectivism and socialism is here, and so is The Greatest Depression - yea, this will end well…


  1. Wrong, No immigrant or refugee complains about the swedish flag or folksongs, thats a ghost thinking of liberals for polluting swedish nation.

    The church visits during december and/or schoolbreak is something the atheist's and jewish citizens is uncomfortable with, the muslim (like myself) doesn't care som much (of course there is some who may get scared , but thats because of their inexperience,knowledge. Just remind him that he is sheltering in a christian country and drinking its water :)

    One thing I agree is that we do have to much immigrants/refugees to fast. When the war and threat of life is over in their country just send them back !

    There isn't many real refugees here in Sweden , many of the refugees here are lyers and thiefs.
    The real refugees doesnt have the money to pay the smuggler and they are still left there suffering.

  2. Never said that immigrants or refugees complain.

    And then the solution can be discussed. I dont think that we should send people back, I actually like immigration and mixed cultures, but if we keep doing so that such things comes with problems, then something needs to change.