Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our last hope – increase interest rates!

Today; decisions that will kill people

Today both the Swedish central bank and ECB will make decisions that will either lead to mass starvation, skyrocketing unemployment and horrible effects to our economies (=the same or lower interest rate) or they will start doing the right thing for a change (=increase interest rates) and at least give us a fighting chance to come out of The Greatest Depression alive.

If they keep the interest rates on these ridiculous levels or - WORSE!! - lower them, you should write down the name of every single cornflake economist and every single bureaucrat making that decision because those people are your enemies and they want you unemployed, starving and quite possible dead.

It really is that bad. You probably don´t see it today, but you will soon enough.

And yes, the people making the decisions today, they know what they are doing. They are fully aware that if they lower interest rates further down it will destroy what little wealth there is left in Europe.
And yes, many journalists and pundits know it fully well to.

They are deliberately making you poor, deliberately making you unemployed and they do that at the same time as they are tunneling money from your pocket over to the banks. 

Pitchfork. Anyone? 

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