Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More events that never happen

As we all know shootings will never take place in countries having outlawed self-defense and gun ownership. Shootings only take place in the Americas where all the crazies converge around gun stores while rubbing their hands together before going separate ways to murder the innocent.

Norway, Finland, Germany and China are all spared from any form of shootings since criminals in such countries always obey the law and never carry any form of weaponry.

We can of course also include France where such things never occur.

Sweden is also always spared and any shootings reported on are of course just a mirage. Never happen.

Yes, there you have it. Bann self-protection and shootings disappears.

Also, such nonevents will never increase in our fantastic upward moving economy either.

It’s all good folks!

Uhm... Isn´t American idol on TV?

I need bacon and beer so I can ignore reality.... 

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