Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Curing diarrhea with laxative

                                              Please Lord Beelzebūb, kill us all now

As expected the Swedish Central banksters lowered interest rates today, and consequently we´ve seen a lot of very dark moments in Swedish history lately.

I want you to remember the latest weeks with the Swedish Government succumbing to overspending with money that do not exist and a central bank hell-bent on destruction of the Swedish economy.

If it was not assured before, it is now definitely guaranteed that Sweden, within a few years, will be where Greece is today.

I hope you Swedes out there are taking notes so when Sweden has 25% unemployment, a crashing economy and a public debt surpassing 100% of GDP you all know who to blame.

The banksters of the Swedish Central bank are enemies of the people – never forget that. 

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