Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All hail the banksters!

Banksters of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your heads

If you´ve been paying attention lately you probably noticed a few banking scandals. Yes, apparently its news that central banks fiddle with interest rates to fit their banking buddies and apparently no one knew banks mess around with rates, CDO´s and make deals with other banks to scam the people.

Who would have ever known eh?

I wonder when they/you will expose banks for selling real-estate to themselves in order to keep prices up and how they intentionally lend money to people without collateral. I wonder when journalists will mention the trillions of useless bloated fake stuff making up the derivate market or when they will point out the scams of Fractional Reserve Banking.

I wonder when we´ll hear about how inflation robs the people while making the rich and powerful richer and even more powerful. And the big revelation of how politicians look the other way or even change the law in order to save the very same banks and institutions creating the problems - oh that is one worth waiting for.

I am sure everyone will be surprised by such disclosures… 

… how can people not know?

How can you absolute idiots out there ignore facts like this? You´ve been scammed!! Fooled! Robbed! At this very second they are stealing from you!! Right now!!

If you don´t believe me, go check. Everything from so called “austerity measures” to interest rates to inflation to new laws to bail-outs to central bank manipulations – all of it! – is done so they can steal from you.

At this very second they are tunneling cash from you over to megabanks, to the already rich and powerful.

These are deliberate, planned and malevolently executed scams - they are frauds and what is going on is financial robbery. Every single one of the people involved are crocks, thieves and robbers. They should all go to jail and never be let out again. In your country, right now, the biggest criminals are not only walking around freely, they are being cuddled with and getting bail-outs while you, the people, are paying for it and suffering, and you will suffer more and more as time passes. 

 Reading newspapers about mentioned scandals the journalists try to sound upset and point out that people are angry and want to change bank. Change bank!!? Upset!? People should be burning down buildings and finding suitable lampposts for dangling thieves since governments refuses to follow the law.

If the entity in place to protect us from fraud and robbery does not act and react, mob mentality is not only excused, it’s preferred.

And have you notice that whenever people react and actually try to vent their anger; they are called terrorists?

Completely insane.

We´re entered the upside down world of lunacy where the guilty go free and can keep stealing while the innocent suffer and get labeled as terrorists.

Welcome to the initial startup of the violence that comes with The Greatest Depression. Something I´ve warned about for over a decade now. 

Civil war is assured in several countries and the emerging and growing power of fascist and communist organization will astound our societies. This cannot and will not end well, and it all comes down to politicians refusing to do what is right and how you, the people, let the criminals get away with murder.

Next up is the last attempts to circumvent the crash and with that comes stronger totalitarian forces, riots and “terrorist” attacks. After that we´ll see the breakups, new unholy alliances and a new political landscape and when the shit really hits the famous fan all hell will break lose and after that it’s all downhill into the abyss of despair, war and famine.

A timeline? No idea. My initial thinking and prediction from over a decade ago was that the crash would happen around 2008 and the depression full out around 2010 and that it would last for about 10 years. I was wrong. The date if the initial crash I nailed, but since our masters came up with new scams and new ways of pick people´s pockets they managed to both postpone and worsen the crisis. And the Greatest Depression is already here, been here for years now and it will get worse and worse.

What I can tell you with 100% certainty is; firstly this is a worldwide crisis worse then anything seen before - nothing in our history books come even close. Secondly this is not a decade anymore, it’s two at the very least, but I honestly see no end to it at all. It can go on forever or until we start throwing nukes around… 

This is going to be hilarious in a very tragicomically world war 3 kind of way… 

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