Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Desperately seeking new planet

Not very surprising, but still very, very, very sad we now have a Goldman Sachs´ warmongering fascist, Mittrack Obomney, who will face off against Goldman Sachs´ warmongering socialist Barmitt Rombama to be president of a GramscoFabianNazi country on the other side of the pond.

It is now official.

The last hope of America and very possibly the last hope of humanity, Ron Paul, and his followers have been put through a hell of an ordeal with voting frauds and lies and last minute changes to rules and regulations – all carefully design to push the freedom movement out in the fridges. Media of course goes along with it and if it wasn´t clear to you before, it’s now absolutely 100% clear that corporate own media is bought and paid for by the establishment. And it’s not only Media in the U.S. looking at how media over here in Europe report and write - it’s basically the same crap. 
We´re so gonna need a new planet...

I think this is a clear indication of more wars to follow and since Russia and China (and others) cannot and will not stand idly by forever we´re possibly looking at World War III not very far from now. And then I haven´t even mentioned all the extremists and totalitarian movements growing for each day in pretty much every country out there…
 …and then we have the Greatest Depression, a crashing Euro, a burning Dollar, skyrocketing unemployment and rampant inflation and all the rest of the scams and horrible things going on in the world.

If this powder cake underneath our house of cards does not blow up I will be very surprised.

I am currently pondering on where to move. Inland mountains of Sweden could perhaps work, but I highly doubt that my birth nation will be spared from mushroom clouds and even IF, the fall-out and radiation will hit it too hard anyway.

Some parts of Africa could work, but since tens of millions on that continent are about to die from starvation and desperation will become the norm, I hardly see how my white ass will be protected. Nowhere in Asia is safe. Australia No, New Zeeland maybe, but too close to the Aussies.

North America is fucked beyond belief and even though certain parts of Canada may work, I would not feel very safe and the growing fascism with impending death camps on the other side of the border will sooner or later spill over.

South America is filled with stupid people and stupid leaders, but Chile could work. Its mountainous, have access to the sea and it’s a bit in the outskirts of the continent. Too many socialist freaks around there though and I wouldn´t feel safe there either.

I would love to move to Honduras which seems to be one of the few decent countries left in the world, but sadly Central America is in the target area. The North Pole is too close to combating countries and “rich” with resources and when those missiles start flying one or two will certainly crash into the ice up there to.

So the only places left are the South Pole or another planet.

Anyone having a faster then light spaceship in their backyard with room for a few more passengers?


  1. Calgary has a lot going for it - a population who works in productive industries for a living, whom are receptive to reactionary ideas - but some worrying problems, too. The corporations that run the oilsands are happy to slap down insane regulations on their employees. It's all about making the oil go. Your safety is only important for how accidents slow things down, and cause accidents. I wouldn't want to see these guys take over.

  2. we´re doomed....

    doomed I tell ya...

    Dunno about Calgary, and as I said moving to Northern American continent does not appeal to me. Too close to the crashing and burning and entering civil war U.S. of fucking A.

  3. Hi its me your sheople follower again. I already moved away from the only big city in your country of birth, to the higher grounds(and seriously underpopulated) north mountain area. I might be sheople but me too sees whats comming. Im hoping for the winds to blow in the right direction for a long time. I took your advice and has got serious stock of vodka and popcorn. If i listen carefully i think i can hear a fat lady exercise her voice for the final cresendo. If you pass this way you are always welcome to my porch to watch the show. The popcorn and drinks are on me. Pls bring your own shotgun, i don't have enough supply to lend you one.