Monday, March 15, 2010

Something is rotten in the state of Sweden

The Swedish government has ignored the advice of Sweden's Council on Legislation and proposed the introduction of drug tests on children below the age of 15. The government's legislative proposal also provides for the tests to be conducted without the consent of the children's parents.

Beatrice Ask, Sweden's Justice Mentalist and pretty spry for a Fascist, rejected claims about that the police and any authority could use this legislation as punishment arguing that the police have better things to do than to harass youngsters. Yeah… sure, what universe does this creepy lady live in?

The invasion of privacy and the governments apparent notion that kids belongs to the state is completely in the same folder as how Sweden used to practice forced sterilization of women deemed unfit to be mothers until as recently as 1975. Branded low class, or mentally slow, they were kept in Institutes for Misled and Morally Neglected Children, where they were eventually “treated”. In 1997, the government admitted that 60,000 women had been sterilised.

It seems that the government always goes after the week doesn’t it? Poor underprivileged handicapped women, kids, unarmed citizens, youngsters downloading porn and grandmas googleing for Hitler. They are all fair game.

Sweden’s current government is surely one of the worst in recorded history. A supposed “right-center” coalition of fascists. Someone may argue they have been better then the social Democrats since they’ve lowered a couple of taxes and allowed us to buy non-prescription drugs at the supermarket (Whopdido...), but that’s just semantics, hardly even that.

During the watch of these lowlife amoebas the worst control grid even seen outside literature has been imposed. No-one can even spit anymore without the government and their internet thugs knowing about it. They’ve increased several key-taxes said to control our eating, smoking and working habits and they have continued on the righteous path of madness comes to the manmade global warming scam. Economic bubbles have been created and inflation is growing as well as unemployment.

And now this. Our kids are theirs to poke with needles, draw blood from, take urine from and screw around with however they please.

I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I am glad I don’t have kids right now because of the police or any authority snatched up my kid and stuck a needle in him/her or forced them to leave a urine sample I would kill every last one of them.

No, I am not kidding. I would shoot, chop, stab and beat the crap out of anyone doing that to my child. I hope some of you out there feel the same because if you don’t love your children enough to protect them this world truly is fucked.


  1. Hmm I think someone forgot to take his medicine.

    I can't deny I'd like to see a more right wing, libertarian minded govt at the helm of Sweden, but compared to the incompetent left, what we've got is at least decent.

    Also, throwing the word fascist around when it obviously doesn't qualify kind of dilutes it's meaning, don't you think? What will you call the left when they get back into power? Ultrafascists?


  2. @apan:

    I do miss having a bottle of Vodka around, will go and get one soon…

    Well, the Justice Mentalist is clearly a fascist and this suggestion is fascist, so yes, they do qualify in this case. They also have imposed fascism comes to the banking cartels – bailed out again. They used fascism when looking at internet and they’ve continued on the same path as former Social Democratic governments that in several regards hold the fascist flag high. So no, it is not an exaggeration and not wrong. True, neither the government nor the leftie opposition are “true fascist” in the sense that they haven’t yet taken the last couple of steps, but it isn’t far off either.

    But I do admit, the ideological stamp here is hard to put. We have a mix of different ideas and maybe Statism or light totalitarianism is better suited, but fascism works too.

    If you come up with another example if an ideological brand better suited, please let me know, until then I see no reason for why that epithet shouldn’t work.

  3. I believe "During the watch of these lowlife amoebas the worst control grid even seen outside literature has been imposed. No-one can even spit anymore without the government and their internet thugs knowing about it." would have happened no matter who had the reins whether it be the so called "right" of ours currently doing the bidding of the greater good or our oh so beloved top notch social democrats. I feel ashamed whenever I actually think about the amount of years they actually have been allegedly calling the shots. I mean, one end puts it out there and the opposite side enforces it.. when none of them shouldve had it on the agenda to begin with? Nevertheless this does not change the fact that its the current setup of puppets that let this slide but different puppets same puppeteers? :D yARR