Sunday, March 14, 2010

’Gun free’ Sweden

Usually when shooting occurs in far away countries like Finland, Germany or the US, Swedish newspapers are filled with warnings about how dangerous it is to allow people to own guns. The very presence of weapons is, according to Swedish journalists, the same as murder.

Despite that you can hardly pick up a paper anymore without reading about someone in Sweden that has got shot. Often it is argued that it is an internal dispute by criminal organizations, and while that may be true to a large degree, it is not always the case.

Yesterday was no exception.

In southern Sweden in the City of Malmö shots was fired at the main police station. Police immediately cordoned off the building. The police suspect that the shot was fired with a low caliber weapon from a distance.

Probably a lone gunman with roots in some African or Muslim country, don’t you think? Because it is not normal for any Swede to hold a grudge against the police so it hast to be some immigrant… Probably mad too, psychotic really, ohoh and on pills, probably didn’t know what he was doing.

Around the same time a man, that since then has been arrested, threatening with a student massacre at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. In making the threats on an internet forum, the anonymous person stated that they would take a gun to the institute on Monday and shoot as many as possible.

But those sorts of thing can never happen in Sweden were all is fine and no-one have guns. Right?

Well lots of hunters do own guns in Sweden and there are military installations everywhere pretty much open to pick whatever you want from. Not really big on security within the Swedish military. And smuggled in guns from the Baltic States and Russia are very common. Any decent criminal in Sweden owns several guns, which of course is to a large degree ignored by media as well as the powers that be.

The common man, however, is a walking around as an open for all buffet for anyone wanting to rape, murder, mug or bully around. The normal Swedish populace is helplessly unarmed and anyone dumb enough to defend himself will go to jail, most likely far longer than any rapist.

You see, self-defense is illegal in Sweden, guns too. But don’t you worry, there will never be any massacre or shooting in Sweden. Noooo, never gonna happen… So we don’t need armed citizens able to defend themselves because in Sweden we have magical unicorns floating around on pink fluffy clouds and pixies always show up to save the day.


  1. "there are military installations everywhere pretty much open to pick whatever you want from."

    LOL, epic fail, good sir!

  2. "But those sorts of thing can never happen in Sweden were all is fine and no-one have guns. Right?"

    It hasn't so far no.

    Great idea in theory, everyone has guns so no-one will dare shoot anyone. I think you'll find that most people don't have eyes in the back of their neck though. And walking around with a loaded gun in fear of everyone doesn't sound too relaxing to me.

    Go live in a country like Iraq for a year and then write another article about guns please.

  3. "You see, self-defense is illegal in Sweden ..."
    No, it is not. Read up on the fact.

  4. Hello!

    I cannot agree more with your presentation at this site of yours.

    I also believe people are a bunch of brainless bunch, especially those that write something like this and do not know what they are talking about.

  5. Often, there is a direct correlation between armed civilians and democracy. Switzerland, for instance, allows each family to store an automatic weapon in their homes for protection. On the other hands, the first acts in dictatorships like Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany are always to disarm the population. It is a lot harder to resist the communist knocking at your door in the middle of the night if you don't have a firearm.

  6. Anonymus 1:
    "there are military installations everywhere pretty much open to pick whatever you want from."
    LOL, epic fail, good sir!
    Nope. I know of two just in one area filled with juicy goodness. Very easy to find if you know what to look for and who to ask. And how many times haven’t regiments got mugged? And when I did my military service stuff disappeared all the time; hardly see that that has changed.

  7. Anonymous 2:
    Ever heard of Flink? No? How about Militärligan? I can keep them coming you know.

    And you miss the point. It isn’t about having people armed, it is about self-protection. Against any aggressor. It should be a human right.

  8. Anonymous 3:
    Yes it is. I do know we have a statue saying that it is allowed, but it is also only allowed to a certain point. Which generally speaking means you cannot do shit. Also, you should be able to shot any rapist, which you’re not allowed to. Who do you think gets more jailtime, a rapist or a women shooting a rapist?

  9. Anonymous 4:
    Thank you!

  10. @Kanel

    exactly, why do you think government has outlawed self-defense?


  12. Guns are not illegal in Sweden, people can and do own pistols legally, it's even quite popular. Sweden is like most of the safest countries very high on the gun ownership list.

  13. With all the rules and laws surrounding guns it is not easy and very few people actually owns guns. I know of not a single person, except for a couple of hunters. Have consequently no clue what you’re talking about. Either way, that is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being able to protect yourself, which you cannot, gun-owner or not.

  14. The military storage rooms are generally extremely hard to access. They aren´t wooden shacks but reinforced to even withstand large amounts of explosives. That being said they aren´t impossible to break into, but definetly out of reach for the vast majority of organised crime gangs. However that being said once more, I do completly agree with your views on the subject of self defence. In my view it should be counted as a human right to carry on them a weapon if they arent burden by a criminal record. At the very leart peppersprays and teargas should be made leagal.

  15. It's linear regression time: