Monday, March 15, 2010

’Gun free’ Sweden II

Yet another school in Sweden has apparently received threats about some shooting spree, probably a prank, but still. And as if that isn’t funny enough we also learn that a gang trying to rob a depot shot at least 35 rounds at the police and is now standing trial. This in a country were shootings never occur…

It is only a matter of time before someone goes apeshit again (has happened before, also in Sweden) and starts shooting people. And when it does, ask yourself the following question: would you rather have all around you unarmed and helpless or would you like them to be armed and able to shoot back at any maniac?

There are no superman’s you know, and Godzilla is mostly Tokyo-based, so he's probably a no-show. So who is going to protect you? The police? Well, they will show up and mostly do a good job. The problem is that their job in such a situation is to pick up body parts and interview dying witnesses.

We all know what the Government says; they don’t want people to defend themselves. How would that look? Cannot have self-reliant humans without fear out there, wouldn’t serve politicians purpose now would it?


  1. I can go out and threaten to shoot people as well - fact is however, that would be an empty threat.

    Yes, gun violence exists in Sweden, but there's not allot of it. Why is that you think? Thats right, gun controll.

    There's just not as easy to get your hands on a gun in Sweden, and therefor there's much less of it.

    As for me - i'm all against controll of tanks. I mean, we all know it doesn't work! Just look at this, I just wish that there were some civilians around in their tanks, so that they could stop this maniac!

  2. the government needs guns to take away property and rights from civilians, the criminals needs guns to take away property and rights from civilians. gun control works perfect for both of them because they know nobody will be able to fight back and defend themselves

  3. And then again, this was a joke. So noone got shot in Sweden. The kid was 16 trying to impress his friends.