Saturday, March 20, 2010

A small lesson in history

For some decades the West haven’t been running the show. For a period of almost 500 years almost every great invention, every progress and new way of doing things emerged from Europe or the United States. This isn’t so anymore.

Actually this isn’t something new. Emperies have come and gone, countries blossoms get great and then they die. For about two thousand years Egypt was the ruler of most of civilization (well, and Babylon), then came China, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, Djingis khan, the Mayans and so forth. A hundred years ago the British Empire covered over 1/5 of the globe. They’ve all come and gone.

The same goes for the central points of progress and civilization. For most of our history the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea, some parts of India and China have been the beacons of light. About 500 years ago Europe started to emerge as the center point and staid so until America grew strong.

And during the last 200 years the rejects, outcasts, and the poor fleeing from Europe mixed with refugees and a can-do attitude made the US into what probably is the greatest nation ever seen on this planet. Out-competing and out-producing everything and everyone.

Now we’re in a time of shift again and have been so for a while. China, although in much more trouble than most think, is running towards the future. India, Malaysia, South Korea and several other Asian states are not far behind.

Truth is they’ve already gone past Europe and since the US is defaulting more and more, they too are about to be left behind. Most of Europe and the US have been or are selling gold and out-sourcing to Asia. But even worse still is that our production of goods, the actual producing capacity i.e. our source of wealth is also moving or getting replaced by cheaper, better stuff from Asia.

Meanwhile Europeans and Americans are trying to maintain the welfare states we cannot afford and trying to conjure up money to pay for the Ponzi schemes that are our Pensions and Social security. And while doing so letting banksters and certain shadowy groups steal what little wealth we have left.

When things really crash, and it will and soon, no-one will be spared. Those Asian countries will also burn, Japan in particular. But the difference is that the producing capacity and the can-do attitude is now located in the East. They will be able to rebuild, grow and buy what’s left of the west. Thirty years into the future and we will be the back-water countries and developing nations. It wouldn’t even surprise me if Africa comes galloping past soon.

This is an approximate and very short description and it isn’t hard to say I forgot something, but the point I hope is clear.

Why did we let this happen?

The answer can be found in history as well as in ideology.

History tells us that there are three things that always precedes or is a big part of any decline. The fall of trade and roads, the growing gluttony on the expense of others and neighbors or new empires taking over.

Ideology tells us that if we let people be free, encourage commerce and let ideas be explored without too much hindrance then wealth grows and nations become great. Sure you can also conquer others and steal wealth but that will only last so long and without the basis of production this cannot be achieved either.

Or, to put it plainly, the more social and economic freedom the better for all, and the more statism the faster the decline.

Furthermore, I think Beatrice Ask must resign.

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