Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another anti-democratic statement

Sweden’s Prime Mentalist, Fredrik Reinfeldt, showed some real honesty today. After getting a question about how he and his cronies forces his party members and people of other parties to vote according to his wish he admitted that the party whip is a great tool and necessary in parliament proceedings.

He also spitted out that would be bad for Sweden if people (parliamentarians) are allowed to vote as they want.

So we have a Justice Mentalist that want suspects of crimes to be outed to all (and apparently this totalitarian view is shared by the Prime Mentalist), a government that are chasing down an entire youth generation and monitoring everything we do while locking up people for lots of victimless crimes, and now we find out that the big cheese himself loves to force people to vote his way.

Why are we even trying to pretend we have a democracy?

Why do we allow people to vote if everyone is supposed to make decisions according to the heads of the government? Wouldn’t it be better to elect ministers and then they can make all decisions? In essence parliament is an unnecessary entity.

To me this isn’t news, I’ve known about this way of govern since I was involved in politics myself. In fact this is one of the main reasons why I left politics because this isn’t only the case on a national level; it is true locally as well.

And they ask why so many young people leave politics – this is why.

And it isn’t only true for those in government now, it is a part of the system and it doesn’t matter what party we’re talking about.

Parliamentarians and politicians in general are voting cattle - very expensive cattle.

The whole system must change, but the politicians themselves will never do it. They live a too comfortable lifestyle with godlike benefits, so why would they want to change anything?

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