Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nibbling on pills

Time for some afternoon ranting.

I have never understood why so many people on this planet immediately reach for the cabinet filled with various pills as soon as the slightest pain or headache is present. Do deluded citizens really think that a pill is always the answer?

I’ve hardly ever eaten a painkiller. The only time I can remember is when I broke a couple of ribs in the military and so I felt it necessary to gulp down some morphine. Headache, stomach pain, the occasional sniffle or any other ailment I endure.

Pain isn’t dangerous, in fact feeling pain is often a good thing. It means that the body is working or that your immune system is strutting its stuff. And having a fever is normally your body reacting consequently not the actual disease, but rather the way your body is fighting it. So why try to get rid of it?

I’m no doctor and I might be completely wrong, but I’ve always felt that if your body isn’t allowed to work and fight on its own, your body will get weaker. That’s also one of the main reasons why I NEVER have taken any flu-shot. If a normal flu comes along that my body can’t handle my body is a weak one. I’m not stupid, if there happens to be an outbreak of something out of the norm I’ll obviously consider taking an injection, but normally why even bother?

There are some girls that do have terrible menstrual pains, there are those with diseases like cancer or any other sickness with deadly or very painful effect, so I sort of get that those people are nibbling on pills or running to the doctor, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking about normal healthy humans that haven’t drank enough water or been in the sun too long and got a headache. I am talking about people that for every pain in the body take one or two pills.
What’s up with such idiots?

Never mind the possible negative bodily reaction, potential addiction or long term effects, what about the very notion of it? It comes back to my original thought; do deluded citizens really think that a pill is always the answer?

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  1. I know a load of people whose mothers did in the sixties. They took thalidomide, in the 50's.

    Tragic. I don't trust the drug companies to test an aspirin any better, it's all about money, money, money.