Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contagious shootings

Apparently it is almost like a disease when talking about shootings. If one idiot is out threatening or actually do shot someone, several follows. So say some ‘expert’ in Swedish papers today since no less than 4 schools have been exposed to warnings about shooting sprees after the first one.

Of course it has nothing to do with bored or fed up youngsters. Unemployment, financial calamities, a government chasing after an entire generation for sharing information has nothing to do with it either. That drug tests will be imposed on minors without parents consent and, as far as I can tell, by restraints if necessary, is a completely different subject. Right?

Anyway, shootings only occur by gun-toting right-wing nutty and very fat Americas… and in rural Finland. Well Fins are crazy buggers, we all know that. Oh, and Germany on a couple of occasions, but that’s it. Well, France as well, and Russia, and Colombia, but nowhere else. I heard a rumor about Australia, a couple of African states and… but those are all lies.

It will never happen in Sweden though; we have strict gun-laws.

Oh, wait, did someone get shot yesterday? Noo, can’t be. And another shooting? No... It isn't true. And no-one even remember the gangs or that crazed Lieutenant knocking of 7 people in the middle of Sweden, so that never happened. Nope, nothing to see there.

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