Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cocaine - a loveable enjoyment

A newspaper in Sweden is reporting on that younger females to a larger degree are testing cocaine. Of course this is followed up with celebrities warning about testing the drug and some ‘experts’ saying how dangerous it is.

I have, tested it that is. Cocaine is one of the few drugs that actually holds its ground against alcohol, which I prefer to all else. Really good cocaine is worth both the money and worth the risk albeit a very slim one, of getting hooked. That’s not the political correct thing to say, but it is nevertheless the truth.

Newspapers don’t tell you the truth about drugs in general because there’s an unspoken rule not to say anything that can upset the powers that be or something that can upset obese mothers with an overzealous attitude to start campaigning outside the window.

The truth is you don’t get hooked or become an addict by trying drugs; none of them does that to you, not even tobacco. You can test them all and several times over before your mind or body crave it. It will eventually happen though, so be careful.

Another truth is that most overdoses and gang-related killings are because of the law, not despite of it. It is the law that creates mafias; it is the law that kills, unnecessarily. Without the law banning drugs most criminal gangs and terrorist groups would be without income. Nothing would hurt criminals more that to make drugs legal.

A third truth, which most people already know about, is that drugs make you feel good. People have always wanted drugs, always will have a desire for them and no law, no police and no politician will ever change that. Because we like them.

Me, I stick to alcohol, which is the second worse drug there is after tobacco, but I like it the most. Alcohol is probably the most social drug and very easy to dose correctly. I like sitting around with friends discussing how to best blow up parliament or just mellow in front of my PC with a good bottle of merlot. ‘Illegal’ drugs can seldom be used in that way.

Cocaine is one exception to this rule; thanks to TV cocaine is regarded as a party drug and a very hip one used by the rich and famous. This is, of course, a fact used by media portraying the famous as liable, which is yet another nonsense idea.

Also, cocaine can be used together with for example alcohol. Alcohol is something that cannot be mixed with most other drugs so you’ll better not mix alcohol with ecstasy or GHB. Almost all that dies from GHB for instance have mixed the drug with alcohol, which is very dangerous and a much unknown subject.

You see we’re not told how to use drugs either; we don’t have information available which we would have on an open market. As a consequence many youngsters that otherwise would be alive dies from mixing drugs or from doing bad drugs bought in a dark alley. Again, the law is at fault.

Most drugs are not worth the try, take my word for it. But if you feel the need to, cocaine may be worth it, but if so buy the good stuff, not the crappy shit normally available. If you want to stay away from them all, fine, that’s your choice, me I drink alcohol - each to his own.

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  1. Interesting read!

    I am not really enclined to try cocaine in the distant future, because as you say, it is under world-wide prohobition which means it is highly expensive, and the police may come after you and put you in jail for enjoying yourself!

    Thus, I will be patiently awaiting legalization before I go adventuring :)