Monday, March 1, 2010

Gather you guns hoist the colors and let’s fight

I don’t fully agree with the blogosphere collecting money for this chap.

I mean fuck it! Collect money to bail-out a man that should be regarded as a hero? We should start shooting at those that thrown him in jail.

I would rather see people arm themselves and break him out or, to take the less violent approach, start their own smoking premises or in other ways ignore the law. If the powers that be need to lock up every other Joe out there, can they then uphold such an unjust law?

...but it is still important to spread the word.

And if you feel the urge to support this poor guy, Old Holborn is among many having a donation-button to click on.

In any case, listen to this music and feel the impact of one of many anger-building unjust fucked-up laws that the elitists want you to follow.

When will it be enough?

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