Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tory fuck-ups

DAVID Cameron is heading for defeat at the general election after a devastating poll showed his lead slashed to just two points.

This is unbelievable.

Gorgon Brownie is one of worst leaders ever seen and he’s heading up a government that has done everything wrong. Add in all the scandals and the financial calamities and a mongo ant should be able to beat Labour in general elections.

But Tories seem to mess this up.

Can it have something to do with how the Cameronites are pretending to be slightly better Labour that the original perhaps?


  1. One or two people I know have said they think Cameron wants to lose. I am of the same view. He is rabidly pro EU, pro the war on "terror", refuses to be any different when it comes to dealing with violent crime and is pro climate change. He knows what we want but by not delivering it, he gets to avoid getting elected and being held to account for cleaning up the mess. Whilst claiming a nice salary.

    5 more years of Labour's illiberal banning and taxing (not including the shit we get from the EU) could be enough to cause the revolution we so badly need.

    Real poverty will wake up our highly materialistic nation. I can cope with power cuts and can grow my own vegetables but the X-Factor generation can't. Will they fight, or just lie down and die like they've been conditioned to do? We'll soon see.

  2. I think the analysis may be correct, although one shouldn’t forget politician’s lust for power, a disease the Cameronian also have.

    And yes, a revolution is what is needed. Sadly BNP and communists will also make the best out of the impending disaster lurking over the horizon. Better stack up with ALL the necessary supplies, not only food…